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Food industry

Clean production of hot dogs and other foods

"Rittal – The System." stands for cleverly thought-out system solutions for hygienic production in the food industry.

Particularly in open processes, where the resistance of the seal to detergents and disinfectants is crucial, it is vital for production plant to be equipped with optimised enclosures, terminal boxes and command panels.

  • Planning and engineering

    • Minimal planning, design and production work
    • Compliance with the most stringent hygiene conditions, thanks to the use of special HD enclosures
    • Significant cost and time benefits by planning with standard solutions

  • Products

    • Roof tilted forward by 30°
    • Interior hinges
    • Silicone, cavityless seal, durable and readily replaceable
    • Terminal boxes inclined by 3° all round
    • Wall spacer bracket for perfect cleaning even behind the enclosures
    • Cable glands and levelling feet with no external thread

  • Compliance with standards and guidelines

    • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
    • Regulations of EU 852/2004
    • European standards such as EHEDG
    • Auditing/certification for IFS, BRC