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The Blue e+ cooling unit series
– the ultimate in efficiency.

Energy savings up to 75%

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    • Air Cooling Ambient air cooling units are ideal for dissipating heating loads exceptionally cost-effectively. Condition: The ambient air must be relatively clean and at temperatures below the required enclosure internal temperature. Air Cooling
    • Cooling Units With cooling units, the temperature inside the enclosure is kept at a constant level independent of the ambient temperature. The air flow meets individual requirements. Due to two separate circuits, no dust penetrates into the enclosure. Cooling Units
    • Liquid Cooling Efficient fluid cooling is used wherever a high cooling load is required, for example in process and machine cooling or for discharging power loss from enclosures via air/water heat exchangers. Liquid Cooling
    • IT-Cooling Needs-based cooling solutions, coolant or water-based for rack, bay and room cooling from 3 kW to 481 kW. IT-Cooling
    • Enclosure Heater Heating systems ensure that the correct heating capacity is always available to avoid condensate formation, particularly when installed outside. Enclosure Heater
    • Climate Control Accessories Ideally matched components adjust the climate control components perfectly to the desired requirements. Climate Control Accessories