IT er når det fungerer

Virksomhedernes individuelle forretningssucces afhænger i dag i stadig højere grad af digitale systemer. Hvor man tidligere godt kunne acceptere nedetid i produktionen, skal virksomhederne i dag konstant kunne stole på den digitale styring af deres produktionsanlæg. En IT-infrastruktur, der er permanent tilgængelig, er derfor en af de vigtigste faktorer, når det gælder effektiv produktion.

IT-sikkerhed har topprioritet, især i brancher der håndterer følsomme data. Egnede IT-sikkerhedsforanstaltninger tilbyder beskyttelse mod fysiske farer og cybertrusler og garanterer dermed en problemfri forretningsdrift.

Design data, data relating to sensitive business processes and data that keep production going must be protected against various risks, including dust, fire and water. There are other physical risks too, such as power cuts or cooling system failures, which cause temperatures inside data centres to rise.

Cyber threats cover a wide range of risks, from Denial of Service (DoS) attacks to Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). A Denial of Service attack is when a hacker encrypts production data and demands a ransom for it. Advanced Persistent Threats, on the other hand, are attacks that aim to gain permanent access to a network (and other systems) to obtain data or commit sabotage. The latter can have serious consequences – criminals can then tamper remotely with cooling solutions or UPS systems or even shut them down entirely.

Can your IT infrastructure withstand attack vectors?

Use our Smart IT check to find out now!

Before we can conduct a reliable analysis and provide you with recommendations for steps you can take to boost your IT security, we need to know as much as possible about your IT infrastructure’s physical set-up.

The Smart IT check is an online questionnaire that you can use to tell us about the architecture of your IT environment, your existing physical IT infrastructure, how your information security is currently organised and how your IT systems are run. Once you have completed the questionnaire, one of our qualified IT Specialists will get in touch to talk you through the optimisation potential that has been identified and explain how the risk factors associated with your IT infrastructure can be reduced to a minimum. Take advantage of our advice now! It’s free of charge and there’s no obligation .

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Micro Data Centers – flexible IT security safes

Micro Data Centers are a range of security safes in various designs that provide a protective enclosure for one or more server racks. Thanks to their modular construction, our solutions are suitable for installation in hard-to-access locations. If your IT infrastructure grows or you relocate, every IT safe can be individually adapted and re-assembled, thereby ensuring maximum flexibility and future-proofing your investment. A Micro Data Center can very quickly be installed in the smallest of spaces and upgraded with the various components and accessories to suit your needs.

The small data centre that provides optimum protection for one or more server racks.

At a glance – the benefits for you:

  • Maximum security for your IT infrastructure
  • Modular construction for installation in hard-to-access locations
  • Enclosure of existing server racks possible
  • Future-proof investment thanks to the options of extendibility, dismantling and re-assembly
  • System-tested security and a high level of protection – testing has been carried out by accredited test institutes and confirmed with test reports
  • Modified air baffle plates for optimum air routing, for efficient cooling of the Micro Data Centers

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Robust baseline protection for your IT components against potential physical threats – the optimum protection concept for a server rack.

At a glance – the benefits for you:

  • Modular construction for installation in hard-to-access locations
  • Front and rear 482.6 mm (19") level of the VX IT rack already included in the scope of supply
  • Lighter than Micro Data Center Level E
  • System-tested security – testing has been carried out by accredited test institutes and confirmed with test reports

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Configure your customised security safe and the various components and accessories that will transform your IT safe into a Micro Data Center. At the end of the process, you will receive an overview of your selected options, including all relevant technical data. You can then use these documents to get advice from our IT Specialists.

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Other IT security solutions from Rittal

The perfect solutions for protecting your IT infrastructure against physical risks – from modular room systems to smart extinguisher systems. Whether you are planning a new building or an extension to your data centre – we are at your side with our decades of experience in IT security.

The basic protection room – an optimum, modular room-within-a-room solution for protecting IT infrastructure components.
The high availability room – maximum, certified physical protection for data centres and IT system locations.

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Up to five bayed racks can be monitored by the VdS-tested early fire detection and extinguishing system. If fire breaks out, it is extinguished with the eco-friendly NOVEC™ 1230 fire suppressant.

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IT security is ensured thanks to our flexible, customised solutions for controlling and monitoring all physical parameters in the IT environment.

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Compatible IT cooling concepts ensure both single racks and entire data centres are cooled efficiently and in a component-friendly way.

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RiZone software is designed for the integrated monitoring of physical IT infrastructure and servers.

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Are you already using the optimum solution for your IT infrastructure?

We can perform TCO (total cost of ownership) analysis to calculate the investment costs and operating costs of your data centre and, on the basis of smart climate control concepts, recommend the best type of climate control for your IT infrastructure – taking all ambient conditions into account. CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analysis is used to predict thermal processes and introduce measures to improve your energy balance.

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Our service – reliability for your peace of mind.

Downtime and performance losses cost time and money. With this in mind, our customers worldwide have access to a particularly comprehensive and customised range of services.

The benefits for you: Maximum system availability, identification of potential savings, plus global access to our services.

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B. Braun

Et datacenter til Industri 4.0-krav i en håndevending

IT-eksperterne hos B. Braun, en af verdens førende producenter af medicotekniske og farmaceutiske produkter, stod over for en reel udfordring: Et nyt, avanceret produktionsanlæg krævede en hurtig udbygning af IT-infrastrukturen.


Økologiske produkter ved høj hastighed

Den økologiske grossist Weiling fra Coesfeld, Tyskland, vokser med imponerende hast. Grossisten havde derfor brug for en ny, stabil IT-infrastruktur til at håndtere logistikken.