Do it better with Industry 4.0 and automation

Rittal offers fully automated equipment for machining, component mounting and wire processing, allowing you to customise racks and enclosures with consistently high precision and quality in plant engineering operations. EPLAN Smart Wiring makes wiring easier than ever before. Data from the virtual prototype links all workstations to create one seamless, efficient process.

Rittal Automation Systems supplies all the automation support required to make enclosure manufacturing faster, easier, more accurate and more reproducible – the ideal workflow from a single source.


The digital twin provides all drilling and cutting data required to prepare variable-length components such as DIN rails, cable clamp rails, cable ducts and cable duct covers for assembly.

Panel Modification

Based on the drilling and milling data in the digital twin, a CNC machine automatically adapts the enclosure and machines the panels.

Terminal Strip Assembly

All necessary information about DIN rails, terminals and terminal accessories for the automated assembly of terminal strips is provided via standardised interfaces, based on data from the digital twin.
The terminal diagram is also available for manual assembly of DIN rails.

Mechanical Installation

2D layouts containing all the information needed for installation work are generated based on where devices are positioned in the digital twin.

Labelling Devices

Forwarding device tag data from the digital twin to label printers eliminates the need for manual entry, sorting and editing.

Wire Fabrication

Amongst other things, creating the digital twin involves defining optimum installation paths for the electrical connections from the wiring schematic inside the enclosure and determining the necessary lengths for each connection.
Together with the specifications from the wiring schematic relating to colour, diameter, material type and wire end preparation, the digital twin provides the data required for manual and fully automatic processing of a wire or cable. Standardised interfaces also make it possible to supply this data directly for fully automatic wire processing.


The wiring information in the digital twin is used to visualise routing paths and necessary connection points for the installation.
Provided all information is complete, this visualisation of the installation and connection situation makes it possible to wire the enclosure without a wiring schematic.


The point-to-point connection lists for wires, cables, terminals and devices help to identify potential faults before commissioning the enclosure.

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EPLAN Smart Wiring

The virtual assistant for manual wiring in panel building. From the connection point through to the exact routing, the software provides you with all the wiring information you need – in digital form and also in 3D, if required.