Switchgear system with form separation delivers robust safety

Nowadays, we are all used to segregating our household waste so it can be recycled, in particular so packaging can be converted back into raw material for new products. This requires sophisticated facilities, such as the Complejo Medioambiental in Gipuzkoa in the south of San Sebastian – for which Spanish panel-building and switchgear specialist Diselcom recently implemented a Form 4b low-voltage system for the recycling plant’s electrical power supply. One of the core requirements was a high degree of safety. This was achieved by means of form separation (also known as internal forms of separation or partitioning) in accordance with IEC 61439, ensuring a high degree of protection during both ongoing operation and maintenance work by means of integrated protective covers.

Rittal Ri4Power enabled us to effectively implement a type-approved low-voltage switchgear system, including the specified form separation.
José Chaparro, Head of Purchasing at Diselcom

High rated current but little space

The new switchgear system in Gipuzkoa has a rated current of 5,500 A and, as specified by the customer, is of Form 4b design in line with IEC 61439. A further challenge was that the space available for system installation was only 5 metres in width. And the deadline, as is the case with many Diselcom projects, was very tight. In order to reliably meet all customer needs, the company chose to build the system using Ri4Power modular technology from Rittal.

Planning with Power Engineering software

When designing the low-voltage switchgear system, the experts at Diselcom took advantage of the Rittal Power Engineering software. This enables quick-and-easy solution configuration. It includes features such as the point-and-click positioning of components, automatic generation of parts lists in the form of Excel spread sheets, and the export of CAD data in DXF or DWG format, streamlining planning and implementation. The software also has an interface for seamlessly exporting data to Eplan Electric P8 – a solution that Diselcom harnessed to generate the wiring plans for the switchgear system.

Documentation compliant with applicable standards

A key aspect of a low-voltage switchgear system to IEC 61439 is documentation in accord-ance with the applicable standards. In this context, Ri4Power from Rittal offers significant advantages: It has already been type-approved for switchgear products from leading manufacturers, such as Siemens, General Electric, Eaton, Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi, ABB and Terasaki. Design verification and all documentation required to prove compliance with IEC 61439 for the entire system is generated by the planning software with point-and-click simplicity. Moreover, the solution creates project-specific assembly plans that are essential aids for work planning and installation. The Ri4Power system is based on Rittal’s high-quality enclosures. These enable flexible assembly and configuration, efficient use of available space, and simple, rapid installation.


Valencia, Spain

Construction of a modern recycling plant 

High safety of the switchgear

Short delivery time


Realization of the plant based on the Rittal Ri4Power modular system

Planning with Power Engineering from Rittal

Creation of the circuit diagrams in Eplan Electric P8

Shape subdivision of the switchgear according to IEC 61439 with integrated contact hazard protection and standard-compliant documentation