Innovative climate control for data centre containers

Data centre container with Blue e+ outdoor cooling technology

Growing data volumes and escalating demands on the IT infrastructure often lead to space problems in existing IT environments.
Outdoor siting of a data centre container within the company grounds is an ideal solution for local expansion of the IT infrastructure. Such containers are mobile, scalable, secure and above all available at short notice. Thanks to the modular design, a data centre container can be configured flexibly to match your individual requirements.
To date, the systems for cooling of the IT equipment have always been placed inside the container. One innovative aspect of the Rittal Blue e+ outdoor cooling concept for data centre containers is that the cooling units are mounted directly on the outside wall of the container. The cooling units no longer occupy valuable space inside the container. In other words: There is more space for your racks! Furthermore, the hybrid technology of the Blue e+ outdoor cooling solution provides for resource-sparing, cost-effective and energy-efficient climate control.

  • Robust sheet-steel container designed specifically for IT applications.
  • Encapsulated interior wall construction with thermal insulation.
  • Fully equipped with redundant data centre climate control, 19" server racks with cable management, raised floor, early fire detection, fire extinguishing system, data network distribution, IT power distribution and UPS systems with a bypass.

The key to efficiency

In our video, you can find out how to master the challenges of the digital transformation and what else our IT solution has to offer.

Save 1⁄3 of energy costs with Blue e+ outdoor cooling

The hybrid technology behind Blue e+ cooling units takes cooling efficiency of your data centre climate control to a whole new level. How does Blue e+ technology work? As well as an active cooling circuit for demand-based IT cooling, the Blue e+ outdoor cooling unit also incorporates a passive cooling circuit: An integral heat pipe (the passive component) automatically dissipates heat to the surrounding environment as soon as the ambient temperature drops below the temperature inside the data centre container’s hot aisle. The effect is particularly pronounced in situations with major temperature differences, leading to significant energy and cost savings.

Benefits of Blue e+ outdoor climate control

Cut energy costs by an average of ⅓* with hybrid technology.

*Compared with a conventional cooling solution

Achieve cost savings of up to 17% on CAPEX/OPEX*.

*Compared with a conventional cooling solution.

The hybrid technology used in Blue e+ outdoor cooling units with passive components cuts carbon emissions by up to 11.8 tonnes per year*.

*Designed for 60 kW, full load, located in Frankfurt, 366 g/kWh

The smart interface between the Blue e+ outdoor cooling unit and your in-house monitoring & energy management system.

One unit for all voltages and networks – Suitable for global use, thanks to multi-voltage capability and international approvals.

Space-saving Blue e+ outdoor cooling units are easy to install. The Blue e+ outdoor cooling unit is attached directly to the cut-out in the container wall.

Scalable container dimensions and bespoke climate control

The container dimensions can be varied according to the scope of your IT infrastructure. Rittal data centre containers are supplied both to individual specifications and in ISO dimensions (20 ft and 40 ft).

Rittal offers you a 3-metre wide container. The generous dimensions leave technicians and administrators with plenty of space for their installation and maintenance work. This saves you planning for a special design. With the ISO variant of the data centre container, however, the narrower width requires mounting on sliding rail systems in order to comply with all safety-relevant standards and to simplify the installation of your IT equipment.

A further benefit which is brought to the fore by the special concept of Rittal Blue e+ outdoor cooling for data centre containers: Pre-prepared cut-outs in the container wall permit the fast and uncomplicated retrofitting of further cooling units – with no need for complex coolant pipework or an external unit. Your IT can thus grow in line with your increasing demands and individual requirements.

For which applications is the Blue e+ outdoor cooling technology suitable?

Our expert Philipp Müller (Head of the Global Data Centre project) answers the five key questions about the data centre container with Blue e+ outdoor cooling technology.
Learn more about how to achieve optimum cooling of your IT infrastructure with a minimum of equipment and primarily passive units.

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