• Bočnice

    The open sides of bayed enclosure systems and IT racks may be sealed with various types of side panels, offering either tool-free installation or a high protection category, depending on requirements.


  • Bočnice – Príslušenstvo
    Bočnice – Príslušenstvo

    Side or rear panel holder as an additional attachment for heavy installed equipment, hinged side panels with 180° opening angle, and internal latches, are available as additional accessory options.


  • Deliace a predelové steny
    Deliace a predelové steny

    One bayed enclosure suite may be sub-divided into individual functional zones with a divider panel or partition. In conjunction with lock systems, various authorisation concepts for enclosure suites may also be implemented. Divider panels for module plates are configured with commercially available connectors.


  • Interlock kits
    Interlock kits

    UL-compliant safety lock for enclosure suites in accordance with US regulations. The isolator door cover, in conjunction with the operating mechanism, adjacent door lock and interconnecting rods, meets the requirements of UL 508 A.


  • Ochranný kryt s dverami
    Ochranný kryt s dverami

    Cover with door to protect and finish off connectors or other installed equipment


  • Ochranný kryt s dverami pre TS
    Ochranný kryt s dverami pre TS

    Ochranný kryt s dverami pre TS, na ochranu a na zaslepenie konektorov alebo iných vstavieb.


  • Lak

    Lak na vylepšenie, príp. na opravu namokro lakovaných povrchov a povrchov s práškovou úpravou, schnúci na vzduchu.


  • Corrosion protection primer
    Corrosion protection primer

    Single-component primers are ideal to protect against corrosion in areas where the paint has been removed due to cut-outs or similar. This serves to re-create corrosion resistance in the paint-free area. The primer satisfies the requirements of standard IEC 61439 for low-voltage and switchgear assemblies.


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