Panel Modification and Automation Machinery

Rittal Application Centre

Whether your business needs a hand completing panel modifications quickly and without errors, or you’re looking for ways to expand your capabilities with modern automation machinery and world-leading software, our Application Centre is here to help. 

Bring your panel building challenges to us and we’ll work through them together

What is the Rittal Application Centre?

The Application Centre, based on our Rotherham site, is a working modification centre in which we partner with our valued customers to help them complete their projects. We work alongside ambitious businesses just like yours; who want to save time, receive error-free modifications and increase their productivity. 

The Centre brings together sister companies Rittal and Eplan, to showcase a way of working that equips businesses to stay competitive well into the future. Automation machinery, assembly tools and integrated software solutions work together to create a seamless, efficient project flow – from engineering to procurement and production to operation. 

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Workshop + Modifications: The Application Centre is a fully functioning workshop environment in which you can send us your projects, or come and discuss your projects with us, and we’ll work with you to get them completed. If you’re turning away work or struggling to keep up with demand, our Application Centre is the perfect solution. Order your enclosures or racks from us, we’ll sort the modifications as per your instructions and ship direct to you. 

Our team are highly knowledgeable and will help you complete work to a high standard, so you can receive your product quickly, simply and without error. To enquire about the workshop services we offer, please fill out the form below.  


Cooperation: In the Application Centre, we will help you take your workflow to the next level with optimisation along your value chain. When you visit the Centre, we’ll spend time getting to know your business, to find out what processes working well and what processes could be improved to help you stay competitive. During your visit, you’ll get to see how these processes work in a practical environment, experience and test our exciting latest automation solutions, and discover how implementing changes could save you time, money and reduce challenges. 

Whether you’d like help with a specific area, such as digital documentation, wire processing or data flow through projects, or you’re looking to optimise your whole panel building or switchgear manufacturing operations; the Application Centre is the place to come. With Rittal and Eplan together, we have a wealth of knowledge that we’re ready to impart during your visit.  

The Application Centre is all about you, so we’ll spend time getting to know you, your business and your plans to make sure that we can offer you the right service. Whether you’re looking for modification and workshop services, want to experience our state-of-the-art automation and machinery or discover leading engineering software; we can help. The first step is to get in contact with us through the enquiry form at the bottom of this page, then we’ll be in touch for an initial chat and to book you in for a visit at our Rotherham site. 


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We work with each Application Centre visitor on an individual basis, to cater to their unique requirements. This means that to provide you with a quote, we’ll need talk with you to find out more about your project. Please fill out the enquiry form below and our friendly team will be in contact. 

Visits to the Centre and time with our experts is free, so this is not an opportunity to miss. Our production workshop aims to help you increase your profitability, helping you to get work completed quickly, without delays, friction or time-consuming manual work. 

If you’re looking for ways to help manage your business’ current workload, you want to explore software solutions for electrical engineers, you’re interested in automation machinery or optimising your entire value chain; the Application Centre is the place to visit.  

Our team are backed by years of know-how and expertise, ready to help you overcome any challenges you might be facing. If you’re looking for a way to take your business from strength to strength, visit the Application Centre and experience how Rittal and Eplan can be your strong partners for sustainable panel building and switchgear manufacturing. 

Our modification service will help your business to keep up with workloads, maximising your efficiency and profitability. We’re here to help you, so use the Application Centre as an overflow service to support your business demands. 

Rittal and Eplan

As industrial transformation gathers pace, challenges such as digitalisation, data flow, automation, transparency, speed and sustainability, as well as critical issues such as the skills shortage, mean that together Rittal and Eplan can provide a unique offering to overcome these challenges. 

With industrial experience from Rittal and technological know-how from Eplan, we streamline and speed up your processes at every phase: from engineering, to procurement and manufacturing, through to operation. 

Only truly comprehensive solutions for optimising processes in electrical system design will help users make real progress. This means that there is a greater need for combined hardware and software solutions, product-related data and holistic services for process integration throughout operations. When all the solutions really come together, the end result is enormous gains in productivity and profitability. 

The overarching goal of a value chain is to deliver the most value for the least cost to create competitive advantage, which is what Rittal and Eplan offer through their partnership. You can see the relationship between Rittal and Eplan in action at our Application Centre. 

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Your advantages at a glance: 

Panel Modifications 

>Time savings thanks to pre-assembly at Rittal

>First-class, consistent quality thanks to state-of-the-art machinery and knowledgeable employees 

>Flexibility, reliability and fast delivery 


Process Optimisation 

Grasp the opportunity to work with experts from Rittal and Eplan, defining which automation steps will achieve the most impact in your own production. You can test the automated processes directly with your own projects on the machines working live. 

>Increased efficiency thanks to end-to-end engineering with seamless interaction between engineering and production. 

>Time savings and quality assurance through automated manufacturing solutions – from manual tools to fully automated machine technology. 

>Increased productivity, as skilled workers can be relieved and used for other value-adding tasks. 


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At the Application Centre, you'll get to see the seamless interaction between Eplan and Rittal tools. Our experts use Eplan Pro Panel software to help you create a virtual prototype of your control cabinet in 3D, based on schematics from Eplan Electric P8 and validated data for electrical components from the Eplan Data Portal. The Rittal system configurators then allow you to configure the Rittal enclosure and accessories with plausibility-check and in 3D - ready for handing over the data to mechanical or manual further processing. Experience how all these tools and processes interlock perfectly, tailored to your individual requirements and needs. 

At the Application Centre, explore how automated solutions enable faster manufacturing and reproducible processes with consistently high quality – using the digital twin. Experience how our range of solutions, from manual tools through to fully automated machine technology, will significantly accelerate your processes: from automated drilling and milling, laser machining, busbar machining, component cutting and assembly to semi- or fully automated wire processing and handling systems. 

We look forward to hosting you at the Centre.

Success Stories

Almost as if it does it on its own – wire processing made eight times faster

Almost as if it does it on its own – wire processing made eight times faster

Almost half of the production time had been spent on wiring, as wiring can take up as much as 54 hours for a typical enclosure. This has changed at Elpex AG.

Bauer Systeme

Reliable data every step of the way

End-to-end automation and consistent digitalization of all processes are success factors in panel building and switchgear manufacturing.