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Smooth Operation

The pressure on the UK’s railways is ramping up; more journeys, more freight, and the ever-present need to modernise and digitalise operations. Ensuring that all processes are sustainable, safe and reliable is only getting more and more important. Rittal provides the ticket to success!

Keep operations running smoothly, efficiently and sustainably

From telecoms, station systems and railway enclosures to industry-leading IT infrastructure for the rail industry, Rittal’s innovative product suite helps keep the UK’s railways on track towards the future. Our experience in the rail industry extends across:

  • Station systems and Signalling
  • Telecoms
  • IT comms / infrastructure 
  • Railway electrical enclosures

Though we provide a wide range of solutions, we never swerve from our commitment to quality in all areas.

PADS Approved Solutions

Rail Industry Product Suite

Our versatile range of solutions for the UK’s railway network help stations run without a hiccup. Cut project completion times to a minimum with our dedicated solutions, the majority of which can be delivered in 24 hours thanks to our extensive stock capabilities. From railway enclosures and energy efficient enclosure cooling options, to railway data centre racks, we can help you achieve your goals.

Rittal’s products are designed with you in mind, meaning that they are quick and easy to assemble. Features such as concrete bases make for speedy installation, and the selection of materials, double-skinned or single-skinned enclosures and modular products means you can find the perfect solution for your project.

CS Toptec (Modular) 

CS Toptec railway enclosures are the perfect solution for your outdoor projects. The multi-functional enclosure is specifically tailored for use in telecommunications projects.

CS Basic

Available off the shelf as standard products, ready when you need them. This outdoor enclosure is perfect for use on rail projects, and features 100mm transport plinth and rain canopy with projections on all sides. Side panels, rear panel and door fully double-walled on the outside.

AX Plastic

AX plastic enclosures, optionally with or without viewing panel, are ideally suited to applications outdoors on rail projects. Numerous mounting bosses inside the enclosure allow individual interior configuration on a 25 mm pitch pattern, e.g. with punched sections and rails.


The solution for all network and server applications. Whether you need a network rack to house a distribution board, or server racks for an edge, colocation or hyperscale data centre, the new VX IT is the ideal platform for accommodating a modern IT infrastructure for the UK's railways.

TX CableNet

This new IT rack from Rittal combines years of experience and expertise in the network infrastructure sector into one extraordinary solution – taking cable management to the next level. 


The new compact AX enclosure suits railway applications, and provides maximum data quality and seamless engineering, plus safe, flexible assembly and interior installation. The new KX sheet steel small enclosure provides also maximum data quality, flexibility and security for a wide range of applications.

Keeping equipment cool is of great importance in any application, but especially for railway usage. Poor temperature regulation leads to equipment operating below it’s best, making for poor efficiency, poor sustainability, shorter product lifespans and potentially even equipment failure. Not to mention the dreaded condensate, which proper temperature regulation can help minimise. Having to fix failing equipment also poses a safety risk for rail workers, and potentially causes delays.


Perfectly coordinated components allow you to customise the climate control to your specific requirements. The efficiency and reliability of climate control components can be additionally enhanced with monitoring, control and individual air routing.

Blue e+

The Blue e+ cooling solution from Rittal is the world’s most efficient climate control, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the railway network. This unique hybrid technology boasts average energy savings of 75% over conventional systems.

Liquid Cooling Packages

Efficient liquid cooling may be used in all situations where a high cooling load is required, such as process and machine cooling or when dissipating heat loss from enclosures via air/water heat exchangers.


Highly effective temperature management: 

  • Double skinning significantly reduces solar gain for a more stable internal temperature. 
  • Built in modular options for fans, vents and cooling systems all designed and manufactured by Rittal and proven on rail applications. 

Highly Effective condensate management: 

  • Double skinning significantly reduces the possibility of condensate appearing where the equipment lies and offers a high reduction in risk of failure. 

High security (Up to Resistance Class 2/4): 

  • No exposed Door hinges 
  • Robust 3-point locking mechanism 
  • Interlocked double skinned panelling. 
  • Multiple handle locking options 

Double-skinned vented Rain Canopy: 

  • Helps reduce solar gain effect 
  • Helps with passive removal of internal heat losses 
  • Helps with ingress protection 

IP55 Rating 

Modularity and Flexibility

  • Based off the totally modular and flexible Rittal welded frame concept 
  • Future Proof: Frame allows for adding and removal of a variety of off the shelf Rittal manufactured brackets without modification to the enclosure for any future changes. The system can be expanded through simply baying another frame next to the existing system and adjusting all doors and panelling accordingly 
  • Readily accommodates 19” angles and signalling BR-SM 440 
  • All supporting ancillaries such as lighting, shelving and cable management are designed and made by Rittal to easily integrate into our enclosure system with minimal effort. 
  • Pre-fabricated, modular concrete based can be supplied with fixing already in place for a fast and easy installation 
  • Over 60 years of quality solutions support our global experience in the rail industry
  • Extensive stock range in the UK makes for speedy, reliable delivery
  • ICS accredited, UK-based customer service and technical teams, on hand when you need them
  • Industry leading solutions to help digitalise railways
  • Vast and customisable product range to suit specific requirements

Our solutions in action

Using our interative graphic, view Rittal's solutions for the railway industry in action.

See how we are able to support customers needing to deploy resilient infrastructure to support railway functions.

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