Outdoor enclosures

Safe and secure in every environment

You are looking for a fast, secure and sustainable outdoor enclosure solution?

Protection for trouble-free operation under the harshest conditions

Robust outdoor enclosure meets smart climate control

The intelligent modular system comprising enclosure and climate control components offers you a multitude of choices for configuration of an individual outdoor solution. Benefit from the uniform design with built-in compatibility, look forward to delivery within 24/48 h and enjoy the convenience of a single supplier for all your product needs – for every field of application and for every climate zone.

Rittal is a synonym for ultimate quality, durability and reliability in enclosure manufacture. And that is especially true in the outdoor segment. Maximum protection for your electrical equipment and components is our prime objective, however hostile your environment. Whether that means extreme temperatures, exposure to UV radiation, aggressive atmospheres, high wind loads, dust or humidity: Rittal enclosures stand up to even the harshest conditions.

The right solution for every environment

The choice is yours: You can customise your enclosure from a range of standard options, for example with special enclosure panels, cooling units, ventilation grilles, lock systems or even heaters. Everything to safeguard your particular application – in every field.

You can count on Rittal to help you plan and operate your application in peace:

  • Fast deployment in every field thanks to the intelligent combination of enclosure and climate control system
  • Robust enclosures for absolutely secure operation even in the toughest environments
  • Radically reduced energy costs, maximum system availability and even longer service lifetimes

Rittal outdoor standard solutions – 6 essential reasons to ensure that your installation and the equipment inside are safe and secure in all environments

Choose from a comprehensive portfolio of standard modular products, including climate control solutions, and benefit from a fast and uncomplicated procurement process based on series manufacturing. That ensures you remain flexible: Today and in the future.

Opt for sustainable protection against vandalism, cyberattacks and climate changes – for trouble-free operation. Robust and durable enclosures are both a secure and sustainable investment.

Irrespective of the climate zone, and however harsh the environment in which you demand reliable operation, The clever modular system comprising enclosures and climate control components, heaters, special coatings and networking modules offers you an ideal outdoor solution for all applications across the temperature range from 
-30 to +60 degrees Celsius

Long-term product use saves not only costs, but also valuable resources. Efficient Blue e+ climate control solutions reduce energy consumption and thus carbon emissions by 75% on average.

Spare parts can be ordered conveniently when required.

Delivered in next to no time and easy to install, your enclosure offers immediate protection. The modular system ensures simple maintenance and uncomplicated scalability, for effective protection against sudden downtimes.

Access to a dependable service network gives you peace of mind in daily operation, reduces downtimes and maximises the efficiency of service response. Through our global service network, qualified technicians promise fast and professional assistance.

The perfect outdoor solution for every industry – as a standard product

Is your industry or field of business tied to particular outdoor locations? Perhaps to provide access to resources and thus to guarantee efficient procurement and processing? Or maybe to be able to offer your products within your customers’ own infrastructural environment?

In both cases, trouble-free operation of your installations in all weathers is a prerequisite.  This can often be quite a challenge, depending on the environment and local ambient conditions. To safeguard mission-critical operation and avoid cost-intensive downtimes, it is crucial that all components are well protected.

Your industry

Process industry

Maximum system availability is imperative

Where the failure of a single component often brings the whole process to a standstill, plant and equipment must be afforded maximum protection. In outdoor areas, wide temperature fluctuations are particularly significant.

Water industry

Protection for critical infrastructures

Operational readiness is a matter of system-relevant importance. For outdoor applications, the enclosures and climate control systems must demonstrate high durability and resistance to aggressive chemicals such as chlorine.

Maritime industry

Cresting the waves

The maritime industry must be prepared to face rough seas. On-board and quayside installations must take stormy waters in their stride. Salt, gales, vibration and extreme temperature variations are further challenges for outdoor enclosures.

Charging infrastructure

Charging infrastructure. Standardised, safe and fast.

The key to e-mobility is a widespread charging infrastructure. Charging stations must be protected against corrosion, vandalism and the elements. The heavy components also place extremely high stability demands on the backend installations.

Renewable energies

Safeguarding the energy transition

There is no alternative to power generation by way of wind turbines and photovoltaic installations. The energy transition will only be possible based on environment-friendly and future-oriented renewable energies sector.

Power supply systems

Infrastructure – broader, more powerful and smarter

The power supply infrastructure faces significant challenges. On the one hand, the demand for electricity is increasing. At the same time, power generation using renewable energies is subject to considerably greater fluctuations.

Energy storage

Stable energy supplies – at all times at every location

The ongoing energy transition, characterised not only by fluctuating power generation from renewable sources, but also by increasing energy consumption, calls for storage systems that are optimally protected against vandalism and the elements.

Smart City

Efficiently designed urban spaces

Traffic control systems, air pollution measurement, traffic light coordination and many other outdoor applications form the basis for climate-friendly and more liveable cities.

Aviation / airports

Safety and flexibility, also on the ground

Aviation is a branch that is naturally susceptible to turbulence. Outdoor airport applications must be designed with stability in mind in order to withstand high wind loads.


Robust solutions for stable connections

Whether for telco, mobile or broadband networks, the infrastructure solutions must function optimally and reliably at all times – even in adverse weather conditions. Protection against vandalism and unauthorised access are decisive for stable connections.

Railway technology

Reliable transport from A to B

Rail transport is an outdoor business. Whether along the tracks, in tunnels, in signal boxes or at stations, installations are exposed to the full force of the elements. Protection against vandalism is another important aspect for outdoor applications.

Railway technology

Reliable transport from A to B

Rail transport is an outdoor business. Whether along the tracks, in tunnels, in signal boxes or at stations, installations are exposed to the full force of the elements. Protection against vandalism is another important aspect for outdoor applications.

A broad range of outdoor enclosures for protection against tough and extreme conditions

Outdoor applications are not all alike, so what is important to you?

Where will your enclosure be used? Depending on the environment and any existing protection, you will require different levels of robustness, different climate control solutions, coatings, heating options, network capabilities and more besides. The demands to be met by outdoor applications are particularly diverse: 

  • Wide temperature fluctuations call for different active and passive climate control solutions
  • Humidity, UV radiation and salt necessitate optimum corrosion and surface protection
  • Protection against vandalism and unauthorised access plays a security-relevant role
  • Noise emissions must be minimised effectively for installations in urban environments

Definition of installation environments to aid choice of the optimum enclosure

We have defined four different installation environments to aid your selection of an appropriate Rittal solution. From protected environments in closed rooms, via covered outdoor spaces to publicly accessible areas exposed to constantly changing weather influences.

Success Stories


E-mobility for everybody

The international availability and quality of Rittal products were decisive factors in winning the order from Tritium. The Rittal solution is also used, among other things, to protect the sensitive electrical components of the charging stations from...


Protected from rain and sunshine

The German city of Freiburg boasts a fleet of climate-friendly electric buses. These buses benefit from an ingenious charging infrastructure from SBRS GmbH incorporating Rittal components that offer ideal protection against the elements and unauthorised...

Vitens Water Company

Digitization in the drinking water supply

The largest water company in the Netherlands is “digitalizing” the network to make the drinking water supply even more reliable. Vitens houses the components required to collect the necessary measurement data in robust outdoor enclosures from Rittal.

CSP Terminal

When enclosures have to brave wind and weather

Sea air may be regarded as being healthy, but not for electrical installations. Electrical components are normally housed in an enclosure that provides the necessary reliable protection against environmental influences.