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    • RiMatrix S RiMatrix S – the revolutionary alternative to individual data centre construction. Here, you will find preconfigured, complete and standardised data centre modules. Your IT infrastructure – Complete and ready to use. The local conditions are only a secondary consideration because RiMatrix S is used both in existing properties and in container data centres. The significantly reduced planning times are key, because these highly efficient modules are fully pre-planned, including existing data sheets, implementation diagrams and documentation. In the long term, not only will you benefit from this system- tested solution, but also from a significant reduction in your electricity bills, which can be calculated in detail even at the planning phase. RiMatrix S
    • IT rack systems The right rack to suit your network and server applications. Individual applications for stand-alone siting, e.g. as a distributor rack, and for use in edge, cloud or hyperscale data centres. These complete system solutions provide the right enclosure to suit every network application, large or small. With open distributor frame for optimum access to your installation level or enclosure systems with glazed or vented doors in a range of installation variants, there is a broad selection to choose from. Add value with flexible, future-proof investments. IT rack systems
    • IT enclosures Compact 482.6 mm (19") enclosure for small network applications up to protection category IP 66. For optimum access and flexible use as a wall-mounted or floor-standing enclosure. IT enclosures
    • IT power Power distribution and back-up are key elements of IT High Availability. Rack power distribution is available as standard PDU or modular power distribution (PSM) solutions. This allows for individually adapted rack PDU solutions from basic power distribution up to intelligent solutions with extensive measurement and management functions. IT power
    • IT cooling Climate control concepts from Rittal cover the full spectrum of applications, from cooling a single rack through to entire data centres. Security plus optimum energy and cost efficiency are paramount. A diverse range of technical solutions creates individual climate control concepts for racks, suites and rooms. IT cooling
    • IT monitoring Get a better overview of your IT infrastructure with our flexible, individual solutions for controlling and monitoring all physical parameters in the IT environment. We offer a range of flexible, individual solutions with our standard products to help you operate your modern networks safely. From simple ambient monitoring using a multitude of sensors, to access management, through to fully automated door opening systems in emergency situations. IT monitoring
    • IT security solutions Perfect protection from physical threats to your IT infrastructure. From modular room systems that adapt individually to your specific location conditions, through to security safes and fire alarm and extinguisher systems. IT security solutions
    • Modular data centre solutions Discover new perspectives: From standardised data centre modules to new infrastructure and cloud solutions. Modular data centre solutions

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