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Secure your personal global service from Rittal

Rittal International Service is as flexible and individual as your requirements. We offer tailored service agreements which guarantee you all the benefits of lifecycle management in the long term.

Warranty extensions maximise profitability.

Regular preventive maintenance contributes to a longer product service life and thus further increases the profitability of your Rittal products. Customers who opt for an "Advanced" or "Full" service contract will be rewarded with a warranty extension for up to 5 years. With "Basic", "Comfort" and "Customized" contracts, warranty extensions are optional.

Conditions for warranty extension:

  • Optional warranty extension with service contracts "Basic" and "Comfort"
  • Individual agreement on warranty extension with the service contract "Customized"
  • Standard extension with service contracts "Advanced" and "Full"

  *Call Out Response time Telephone Support
Telephone support
All labour *All parts
*Number of planned maintenance
Yes No Yes No One
COMFORT 8 Working Hours Yes No Yes No One
ADVANCED 8 Clock Hours Yes Yes Yes Yes Two
FULL 4 Clock Hours Yes Yes Yes Yes Two
CUSTOMISED Call Call Call Call Call Call


Best endeavours: Call out is normally next working day (Monday - Friday 9-5pm).

Parts: with our Basic and Comfort contracts parts are included if in warranty - for Advanced & Full contracts, all parts are included in or out of warranty.

Planned maintenance: Visits are in normal working hours Monday - Friday 9-5pm

Your benefits

  • No additional costs for technician travel
  • Spare parts supplied and fitted free of charge
  • Cost transparency over 5 years

We are there for you!

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Tel. +44 (0) 1709 704000