Monitoring & management software for IT infrastructure

RiZone is the Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) platform for all components in a data centre infrastructure, from power supply and power distribution, to cooling, through to the security system. Thanks to its simple and fast configuration, RiZone is the ideal DCIM solution for data centres of all sizes.

  • Seven good reasons to choose RiZone

    1. Energy optimisation in the data centre
    2. Simple project management
    3. Automatic detection of Rittal components
    4. Increased security and reliability of the data centre
    5. Incorporation of building control system components
    6. Linking of the physical data centre infrastructure into a network management system
    7. Linking and monitoring of all IT devices via SNMP protocol

  • What can RiZone do for your IT infrastructure?

    • Monitoring of redundant data centres (up to Tier IV).
    • Fast configuration, thanks to automatic detection of all active RiMatrix components.
    • Precisely tailored to requirements with a modular licence model
    • Efficient administration of the physical IT infrastructure

  • Supported components

    • Uninterruptible power supplies (Rittal UPS)
    • Monitoring system Rittal CMC (Computer Multi Control)
    • Power System Modules (power distribution)
    • IT chiller
    • Cooling / Liquid Cooling Package (Rittal LCP)

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