Rittal at the SPS 2019: Answers 4.0 - How digital transformation can succeed

2019-10-21. These solutions will make digital change easier for customers – from digitalized value-added pro-cesses in panel building and switchgear manufac-turing to digitalized products and services and through to applications for the intelligent pro-cessing and analysis of industrial production data. •Highlights include ONCITE, the first AI-based, real-time capable and data-sovereign edge data centre for future industrial production data pro-cessing, developed together with German Edge Cloud, IoTOS and Bosch Connected Industry. Other features are the new AX/KX compact and small enclosures.

Herborn, 21 October 2019 – Industry finds itself at the focus of change between comprehensive transfor-mations and rapid developments: “In the future, econom-ic success will only be sustainable if it can keep pace with the complete digital integration of products, processes and the data that they generate,” says Dr Karl-Ulrich Köhler, Rittal’s CEO. The list of requirements is a long one: For instance, once data has been generated, it must be available throughout the processes of manufacturing, processing and servicing the enclosure system. The vast amount of resultant data will itself become relevant for value creation processes in the future: “Once selected and harmonised, data can be made usable in the future, i.e. specifically processed and analysed by artificial intelligence. This will result in more efficient production processes, improved service and new business models,” Dr Köhler says. The question is no longer about whether or not customers make demands, but rather how quickly these demands can be satisfied with optimal solutions.

Lighter, faster and more precise

Rittal is showing solutions such as these at its 1,100 m2 stand in Hall 3C, Booths 430 + 431 at the “Industry 4.0 Marketplace”. Together with its sister company Eplan, Rittal will be showing how panel builders and switchgear manufacturers can successively establish a value chain that has data consistency. Virtually every element in plant engineering – from engineering and configuration to machining and fully automatic cable assembly can be linked automatically and consistently through the highly efficient interplay of digital processes. The key to this is the digital twin. Rittal also supplies automation solutions that make these processes easier, faster, more precise and more reproducible.

Rittal is showing how the principles of Industry 4.0 can be implemented in the planning, ordering and delivery processes at its new production plant in Haiger. The manufacturer has digitalized the entire process chain “from customer to customer” for the AX and KX compact and small enclosures. This way, customers can make their processes more efficient and faster: The prices for products are immediately visible, products that have been ordered can be delivered more quickly and the customer can begin any additional processing earlier. Customers can also gain first-hand experience and insights. 

AI-based, real-time capable and data-sovereign

In addition to new solutions for digitalizing its customers’ value-added processes and their product and service offerings, Rittal is also intensively involved in intelligent data processing and the analysis of production data at its new Haiger plant, and is presenting a turnkey solution. Rittal is breaking new ground with its German Edge Cloud and IoTOS start-ups, the newest companies in the Friedhelm Loh Group and with Bosch Connected Industry: “ONCITE” is the name of the first AI-based, real-time capable and data-sovereign edge data centre for future industrial data processing that the companies are jointly presenting. Thanks to the data sovereignty provided by this “all-in-one” solution, manufacturing companies will have full autonomy and data control and, for the first time, can derive value from their production data without endangering the security of the data or their complete sovereignty over it.

The scalable edge cloud data centre is deployed on site at the factory; it stores and processes machine mass data in near real-time and harmonises it so that it can be fed to an intelligent system. AI-based applications enable production optimisations and quality improvements, and they help optimise cost and throughput in manufacturing.

AX and KX: Enclosure technology for Industry 4.0

How can housings and enclosure systems help with digital transformation? Rittal has the answer with the new AX and KX compact and small enclosures series and the VX25 enclosure system. The enclosures incorporate digital equipment and fit ideally into the digital value chain of control and switchgear engineering. Alongside the high-quality 3D data and configuration tools, the presence of QR codes, for instance, on all the panels to be machined makes it easier to integrate them into the production workflow. This permits modern digital monitoring – from the receipt of incoming goods to completion.

Other Rittal product highlights include the development of the SE 8 system enclosure, which is now compatible with the new VX25 enclosure system. In the power segment, Rittal is presenting the new VX25 Ri4Power power distribution system and the novel “VX25 Rittal Power Engineering” planning software aimed at making switchgear engineering easy and consistent. Besides this, the IoT interface for the Smart Monitoring System and for energy storage are also being presented.

Rittal is exhibiting a solution based on the new VX25 enclosure system as an application example for an energy storage enclosure into which all common battery modules can be integrated simply and without using any tools. Rittal is presenting energy storage enclosures for Commeo to demonstrate its expertise for the growing energy storage market.

In the IT infrastructure sector, Rittal is offering new energy-saving “Blue e+ IT” series cooling units, as well as new PDUs (Power Distribution Units) for secure power distribution in IT racks. The innovations in the Rittal Automation Systems segment include the Wire Station WS 540, a wiring table for assembly and wiring in enclosure manufacturing, as well as the Smart Lifter 1.8, which enables the easy and safe transport of fitted enclosures.

The co-exhibitor at the Rittal booth will be sister company LKH, the injection moulding system partner for the manufacture of plastic solutions. This company develops and manufactures plastic components and assemblies for customers in the automotive, electrical engineering, electronics and factory equipment industries.

Eplan has new software solutions

Sister company Eplan (Hall 6, Booth 210) is also attracting trade visitors with its solutions for Industry 4.0 challenges. The software specialist is offering a preview of the Eplan Data Portal with a new interface. Another highlight is the presentation of the new data standard; users will benefit from greatly improved data in the future. Manufacturers are also provided with a new import tool based on “eCl@ss Advanced” that simplifies data provision. Rittal has already stored the first data in the new standard, and intensive discussions are being held with well-known manufacturers.

Eplan’s new “eBuild free”, the free cloud software for generating circuit diagrams or fluid plans, Version 2.9 of the Eplan platform and the new version of Eplan Smart Wiring are also being presented. The “wiring professional” is impressing users with a user interface that flexibly depicts different workflows as well as the integration of cables and hoses. Production planners and managers will benefit from individually definable dashboards that include web diagrams, easier resource planning and a full overview of project progress through the cloud-ready software.