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International partnership offers great marketing platform

2014-03-12. Rittal entered a worldwide partnership agreement with DatacenterDynamics (DCD), London, in the field of marketing. As a result, the provider of IT infrastructure has been granted international access to the services of DatacenterDynamics, allowing Rittal to present its data centre portfolio to a larger audience.

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  • Rittal Offers Users Free Cooling Equipment Survey

    2017-10-11. Rittal Offers Users Free Cooling Equipment Survey. Users of Rittal enclosure cooling technology are being offered free on-site inspection surveys to ensure that their production and process critical equip-ment is being adequately protected.

  • Rittal Exhibiting at Data Center Dynamics 2017

    2017-10-10. The global-leading “DatacenterDynamics Converged Europe Conference and Expo”, at London’s old Billingsgate, will bring together the world’s keenest minds to share their expertise with an international audience of senior ICT and datacentre professionals.

  • Rittal Cloud Computing CPD Seminars

    2017-10-02. Rittal Ltd has just launched a new Cloud Computing accredited seminar as part of its highly-respected Continuing Professional Development (CPD) series.

  • Rittal’s Solutions for Centralised or De-centralised Automation

    2017-09-20. We live in a world of rapid change, driven by the growth of ‘smart technology’. Automation components are becoming more compact, both for centralised and decentralised applications, while still delivering considerable computing power. Sensors and actuators are also getting more ‘intelligent’.

  • Rittal Air Circuit-Breaker Supporting System

    2017-09-05. Rittal, the leading global provider of industrial enclosures, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure, has developed a new busbar supporting system for air circuit-breakers.

  • Contacts in no time

    2017-08-14. Wires and cables routinely have to be connected to copper busbars when manufactur-ing control gear and switchgear systems. The conventional approach is time-consuming and uses screw clamps or fixed conduc-tor connection clamps.

  • Climate control in the food industry

    2017-08-03. Climate control of enclosures using water cooling is highly efficient, especially if there is already a central cold water supply available in the production plant. The new Hygienic Design air/water heat exchangers from Rittal are ideally suited to the food industry, where hygiene standards are exceptionally stringent.

  • Calculating the Value of Automation

    2017-07-13. When it comes to processing panels, CNC machining centres, such as Perforex from Rittal Automation Systems, are light years ahead of the alternative, manual approach when it comes to productivity and efficiency.

  • Are your enclosures ready for Summer?

    2017-07-05. Rittal is warning users of manufacturing automation systems to check that they are prepared for the summer heat and, if necessary, arrange for an inspection of their equipment to check the level of risk.

  • Don’t Get Lost in the Fog

    2017-06-26. Cloud computing offers processing power and storage capabilities that few organisations can match, and for a relatively low cost. Indeed, there are those who believe one day, all our computing will reside in the cloud.

  • Rittal Publishes New IT and Manufacturing Product Catalogue

    2017-06-13. Rittal’s new System Catalogue 35 showcases the company’s portfolio of products for the IT and manufacturing industries, which are designed to address the needs of design engineers, switchgear manufacturers and data centre operators.

  • Intelligent Industrialization of Datacentres

    2017-06-06. The hugely impressive Lefdal Mine Datacentre (LMD) in Norway has an ambitious vision; it aims to be the most cost-effective, secure, flexible, and green datacentre in Europe. LMD opened on 10th May 2017, and is powered exclusively by low-cost renewable energy.

  • Transmission of Data into the Cloud

    2017-06-02. Capturing, transmitting and processing data lies at the heart of what has been dubbed “the fourth industrial revolution”. It’s one of the reasons why cutting-edge connectivity has become so important in factories and similar environments to facilitate new, smarter ways of working, such as predictive maintenance.