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International partnership offers great marketing platform

2014-03-12. Rittal entered a worldwide partnership agreement with DatacenterDynamics (DCD), London, in the field of marketing. As a result, the provider of IT infrastructure has been granted international access to the services of DatacenterDynamics, allowing Rittal to present its data centre portfolio to a larger audience.

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  • Trends in Data Centres in 2018: What Matters to IT Managers

    2018-03-08. By Clive Partridge, Product Manager IT Infrastructure. Rittal Digital transformation is in full swing, to the extent that at least half global value creation could be digitized by 2021, according to a forecast from IDC market researchers.

  • The Easy Way to Machine Rails and Cable Ducts

    2018-03-06. Manufacturing switchgear can be very labour intensive. Despite the advances in automation, there is still a huge amount of manual work involved in cutting and machining busbars, support rails and cable ducts.

  • Rittal Cooling Units Now With New Output Class

    2018-02-26. Rittal’s Blue e+ cooling units are acknowledged as the most efficient of their kind on the market. Independent tests have shown they are – incredibly - 75 per cent more energy efficient than previous cooling solutions.

  • Rittal Improves Cooling Communications in the Cloud

    2018-02-12. Industry 4.0 scenarios, such as predictive maintenance, are based on the provision of data, as well as integrated, networked communication. But for this to happen, IoT-compatible devices obviously have to be equipped with the necessary technology interfaces.

  • Lighting the Way in IT

    2018-02-09. Rittal is launching a new IT LED system light. Designed for both IT network and server enclosures, the new light has an output of 600 lumens, meeting the standard requirement for racks such as the Rittal TS IT and TE 8000.

  • New Rittal Hygienic Design brochure

    2018-01-29. Rittal’s latest Hygienic Design (HD) brochure ‘Extra Cleanliness Guaranteed’ has just been published (

  • Rittal Hygienic Design Fire Extinguisher Enclosure

    2018-01-24. Rittal has been developing its Hygienic Design range over many years. Its customers have benefitted from better protection of their electrical and electronic equipment, as well as less time spent washing down, and cleaner manufacturing environments.

  • Slimline motor controllers create space in enclosures

    2018-01-02. Small drives for machines and equipment are typically powered up to 9.0 A, and are protected by conventional motor circuit breakers. However, when space in the enclosure is limited, it is very difficult to find room for significant numbers of protective components.

  • Rittal Offers Users Free Cooling Equipment Survey

    2017-10-11. Rittal Offers Users Free Cooling Equipment Survey. Users of Rittal enclosure cooling technology are being offered free on-site inspection surveys to ensure that their production and process critical equip-ment is being adequately protected.