Smart Telco – 5G by 2020

Rittal's Smart Telco: The Buzz of the Future


Everyone is streaming everything. There's more and more content out there, and no one waits for it. The demand for high-quality and high-speed data, anywhere, is a challenge telecommunication providers have to meet.

5G networks are the new driver for the telco market, as they are predicted to deliver speeds in multi-gigabits per second. The rise of 5G coincides with the explosion of connected devices and systems associated with the Internet of Things (IoT). Processing these high volumes of data, at a faster speed, will require new antennas, new devices, and new applications. And the influx of this additional data - which will need to be processed in real time - will drive the need for mobile edge computing.

5G Technology:

  • Is key for advanced streaming services
  • Will facilitate management in smart cities

Rittal edge solutions enable:

  • Live mobile content streaming
  • Augmented and virtual reality

OCP Edge Data Center

Rittal offers an OCP-based edge data center in container housing. At the OT level, it is made up of racks, climate control and power supply. Furthermore, the Rittal solution already includes all IT components needed for the implementation of individual customer requirements.

  • OCP Modular system (racks, system accessories, power distibution and backup, climate control and monitoring)
  • Scalable solutions based on the OCP Modular System
  • Pre-integrated IT components (in cooperation with partners)
  • New generation of Liquid Cooling Package Rack/Cold Water (LCP CW) with higher cooling capacity even with water/glycol mixture.

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RiMatrix Edge Data Centre

Support by iNNOVO Managed Services

In close cooperation with iNNOVO, Rittal offers an edge solution that can be scaled depending on the application type and provides data almost in real-time: the RiMatrix Edge Data Center.

  • Innovative, energy-efficient Edge Data center.
  • Secured authentication of IoT endpoints and sensors connected to the cloud
  • Data security within the cloud and networks for edge applications
  • Upscalable IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) platform via OpenStack that has fully-automated communication with corresponding application.
  • Precise smart contract implementation edge data center infrastructure
  • High-scalable, turnkey-ready platform and service from one provider

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