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Solid State Automation and Controls: Slicing System Lead Times in Half with Busbar


Solid State Automation and Controls (SSAC), a Houston-based panel shop integrator, has been serving the manufacturing and plant industry since 2009. Renowned for its expertise in automation systems, PLC-based integration, turnkey control system solutions, PLC system training, and Digital Twin technology, SSAC is committed to delivering customized solutions to a wide array of industries, emphasizing its versatility and innovative approach. With increases in customer demands and the ever-growing desire for shorter lead times, SSAC began looking for system enhancements that could both meet customer requirements and provide a flexible platform to build off of for years to come.


The Challenge

In a rapidly evolving market, SSAC faced a pressing challenge; the demand for faster solutions was on the rise, and they needed to meet these expectations without compromising on quality. The catalyst for change was a customer's requirement for a motor control center (MCC) during the third phase of a facility upgrade. This customer had received a quote for a complete MCC solution from another distributor with an estimated lead time at 60 to 62 weeks. Seeing a unique opportunity to provide a quality solution in a shorter time frame, SSAC approached this customer and offered their assistance.


Why Rittal?

To bring this opportunity to fruition, SSAC teamed up with Rittal’s channel partner, AWC, to find a fitting solution. By partnering and working closely with Rittal through AWC, SSAC received a clear path forward thanks to Rittal’s robust product portfolio, unwavering quality standards, exceptional support, and high product availability. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Rittal committed to providing comprehensive and standardized solutions that could be executed quickly to significantly cut SSAC’s lead time and meet customer requirements.


The Rittal Solution

To expedite the process, SSAC opted for a unique Motor Control Panel (MCP) solution from Rittal as a substitute for the traditional MCC. Rittal's solution offered a quicker alternative as the lead times for MCCs could extend beyond six months. This substitution allowed them to significantly reduce lead times, ensuring they could meet their customer's demands more efficiently.

The Rittal solution included:

  1. Rittal TS 8 Enclosure Platform: The foundation of the Rittal TS 8 enclosure platform provided a sturdy and adaptable base for the system.
  2. Rittal Ri4Power Busbar Solutions: Ri4Power busbar solutions streamlined power distribution, enhancing the efficiency of the system.
  3. Rittal RiLine 60 Power Distribution: The RiLine 60 power distribution portfolio offered flexibility through its modular design, enabling full component compatibility according to specific project requirements.

The modular components of the power distribution and busbar systems could be easily adjusted with sizes changed and adapters employed to accommodate diverse setups. Similarly, the Ri4Power portfolio's modularity permits compartment sizes and door options to be tailored to fit various project needs.

Measurable Results

The implementation of Rittal's innovative MCP solution yielded remarkable results for SSAC, including:

  • Dramatically Reduced Lead Times: By opting for Rittal's complete MCP solution, SSAC reduced their lead times by at least half. This enhancement in efficiency ensured that their customers received the solutions they needed far more rapidly than ever before.
  • Increased Competitive Edge: With reduced lead times, SSAC gained a competitive edge in the market. They can now respond quickly to customer demands and win more opportunities, securing their position as a trusted partner for industrial panel solutions.
  • Modularity and Standardization: Rittal's highly modular and standardized system platform empowered SSAC to use the same components across multiple projects. This not only streamlines their future operations but also offers the flexibility to adapt to evolving customer requirements seamlessly.
  • Scalability: The new system platform presents an opportunity for SSAC to scale their operations effectively. The flexibility of Rittal's solutions allows them to grow and adjust their offerings as customer requirements grow and change. This is all achieved without the complexities associated with a traditional MCC setup.



SSAC's success story with Rittal showcases the transformative power of innovation and collaboration. By embracing Rittal's MCP solution, they not only met their customer's needs in record time but also enhanced their competitive position in a demanding market. With modularity and standardization at the core, SSAC can continue to evolve and scale their operations while staying agile and responsive to customer demands. This partnership exemplifies how Rittal's innovative solutions can drive efficiency, speed, and success for our valued customers in the manufacturing and plant-based industries.

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