Smart city

A smart city is sustainable and efficient

When so many people are living, working, using the transport infrastructure and consuming energy in such close proximity, efficiency and sustainability are no longer a matter of making life easier but an absolute necessity. Municipal and regional authorities are increasingly turning to smart city concepts to meet these challenges.

For example, networked processes and sensors ensure a better flow of traffic, more attractive public transport options, optimised street lighting, lower energy consumption in buildings and much more besides.

When planning smart cities, it is essential for local authorities to maintain an overview. This is vital, because the desired benefits can only be achieved if numerous separate solutions interact and are perfectly coordinated. That makes smart cities a typical application for big data. A whole host of individual data needs to be recorded, aggregated and analyzed both quickly and reliably before leading to the appropriate control measures, which requires an IT infrastructure that ensures maximum reliability.

Everything is interconnected in digitalized cities

Smart cities call for state-of-the-art networking and data processing concepts, which places extremely high demands on data protection and data security. Rittal offers all the requisite IT solutions for the challenging digitalization and networking of public infrastructure. Our performance promise for your smart city project:

  • Thanks to comprehensive Rittal IT infrastructure solutions – from standalone network racks to entire data centers
  • Thanks to Rittal IT cooling solutions for every requirement, with the focus on reliability and efficiency


A smart city in Korea

Smart cities are networked, high-tech environments designed to improve residents’ personal and professional lives while also making them more sustainable. A prime example can be found in a new district of the huge city of Incheon in South Korea, which...

Schweizerische Südostbahn

A future-proof, high-availability data centre for Swiss railway operator SOB

A top priority for the Swiss regional rail operator Schweizerische Südostbahn is to ensure its trains run on time, meaning extremely reliable IT is a must.

Province of South Holland

South Holland teleoperates waterways using IT infrastructure from Rittal

The province of South Holland in the Netherlands manages and maintains 78 bridges and locks belonging to its network of waterways. It has developed a standardised solution incorporating Rittal products to control this infrastructure, which involves...