Cómo convertirse en líder

En la fabricación de automóviles, en turbinas eólicas, en cruceros o en aeropuertos: las soluciones de Rittal se pueden utilizar de muchas formas diferentes.


¿Tiene requisitos específicos? Con nuestro amplio conocimiento de la industria, podemos ofrecerle las mejores y más adecuadas soluciones y servicios. Descubra en las siguientes referencias de clientes cómo puede aprovechar también estas ventajas y convertirse en un líder.


Lidl Finlandia

Haga que su compra sea inteligente

Y otra vez no queda café en el estante, a pesar de que era lo primero que había en la lista de la compra. Esto no puede suceder en LIDL en Finlandia, porque el departamento de TI de Rittal garantiza que los estantes estén siempre bien llenos.

Meurer etechnik GmbH & Co. KG

«El AX es mucho más flexible»

Las tareas manuales son las que más tiempo consumen en la fabricación de armarios de control y de distribución. Se necesitan funciones que nos permitan ahorrar tiempo: soluciones que funcionen mejor, sean más rápidas y simplemente ofrezcan más libertad...


Protegido de la lluvia y el sol

En Friburgo (Brisgovia) los autobuses son eléctricos para disfrutar de un clima excelente. Una ingeniosa infraestructura de carga de SBRS GmbH con componentes de Rittal, que proporciona una protección óptima contra el viento y las inclemencias...

thyssenkrupp Steel

thyssenkrupp Steel está ampliando su infraestructura TI con Edge Data Centers de Rittal

Con la ayuda de los Edge Data Centers de Rittal, thyssenkrupp Steel está desarrollando de forma rápida y flexible las capacidades de TI necesarias directamente en las plantas de producción para avanzar en la digitalización de una amplia gama de procesos...

Schweizer Südostbahn AG

Centro de datos preparado para el futuro para una disponibilidad extraordinaria

La puntualidad de los trenes es una de las principales prioridades de la Schweizerische Südostbahn. Para ello, es fundamental disponer de una TI que funcione de forma completamente fiable.


Movilidad eléctrica para todo el mundo

La disponibilidad internacional y la calidad de los productos de Rittal fueron decisivas para conseguir el pedido. La solución de Rittal se utiliza, por ejemplo, para proteger los componentes eléctricos sensibles de las estaciones de carga de las...


A smart city in Korea

Smart cities are networked, high-tech environments designed to improve residents’ personal and professional lives while also making them more sustainable. A prime example can be found in a new district of the huge city of Incheon in South Korea, which...

Elektro Löscher

Automation solutions for a small business

Small electrical engineering business wins new customers by investing in automation solutions from Rittal Automation Systems.

Dubrovnik Airport

Rittal data centre ensures high availability, reliability and quality

A fail-safe data centre is key to the smooth running of any airport. Dubrovnik Airport is open 24 hours a day, making the reliability, availability, safety and quality of the IT infrastructure the most important criteria when awarding the relevant...

Zweifel Pomy-Chips

Rittal Hygienic Design (HD) enclosures contribute to quality

Food manufacturing at Zweifel Pomy-Chips is subject to stringent regulations. Stainless steel enclosures from Rittal help ensure compliance with internal quality standards and international ISO and IFS requirements.

Bauer Systeme

Reliable data every step of the way

End-to-end automation and consistent digitalization of all processes are success factors in panel building and switchgear manufacturing.


Roter Teppich für ein neues Rechenzentrum

Digital technology has revolutionised the film industry in recent years – and that means big data. Processing these huge volumes of data both quickly and reliably is one of the major challenges facing film makers, which is why film equipment company...

Schaper Steuerungstechnik

VX25 in use

One of the major challenges facing this medium-sized switchgear manufacturer is producing switchgear on time and adhering to requested delivery dates. The new VX25 from Rittal saves an impressive amount of time in field testing.

WUND Group

Smooth and secure spa operations

When large amounts of data are processed round the clock to ensure customers can rely on processes running smoothly, fail-safe data centre operation is an absolute must. For this very reason, autonomous Rittal Edge Data Centers and standardisation play...

Dormann + Winkels

Saving time during installation with RiLine Compact

Time and again, Dormann + Winkels has found accommodating electrical components for small auxiliary drives something of a challenge, but Rittal has the solution.

Synchro Engineering Limited

Enclosure project completed in record time

From ten hours to 90 minutes – Rittal automation solution machines enclosures with speed and precision.

Schaltanlagenbau GmbH Westermann

Automatic production in switchgear construction

Wiring the components in an enclosure involves a lot of manual work. A solution from Eplan promises efficiency gains.


Music in the data centre

The cooling system for SUISA’s old data centre built back in the 1960s covered its entire 150 m² area. Rittal provided the Swiss company with a reliable, energy-efficient solution.


Fast and automated machining of stainless steel

The new laser machining centre from Rittal Automation Systems is making it much quicker and easier for Plenge to process orders requiring stainless steel enclosures.

Cargill, Inc.

Guaranteeing process safety

Having decided on Rittal cooling units to ensure a high level of process reliability, the international group Cargill is benefiting from a whole range of professional services.

Customer application

100 percent availability

When one of the USA’s largest telecom providers was in need of flexibly configurable IT racks, including cooling and monitoring solutions, for a new research and test installation, it found what it was looking for at Rittal.

GSA Elektrotechnik und Engineering

Modular system for small switchgear

GSA Elektrotechnik und Engineering GmbH was looking for a clearly designed, compact energy distribution system requiring a maximum of 80 A. RiLine Compact from Rittal provided the ideal solution.

Haberkorn GmbH

A compact, future-proof container solution for Haberkorn

Efficient, reliable IT infrastructure is business-critical for the customers of Haberkorn GmbH. The company not only distributes its 200,000 products in Austria, but also in Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia. Luckily, Rittal Data Center...

Van Meer Industrial Services

Cutting-edge motor controllers

At Dutch company Van Meer Industrial Services, a new digital process controller is optimising design, planning and final assembly.

Meyer Werft

IT systems must be shipshape

Norwegian Joy is the largest ship ever built at the Meyer Werft shipyard in the German city of Papenburg. Powerful IT systems from Rittal ensure optimum comfort for over 4,000 passengers and around 2,000 crew members while the vessel is at sea.

STIWA Automation

Eighty percent less energy

STIWA Automation GmbH regularly measures energy consumption. In some cases, machines require less energy in order to move than they need for climate control purposes. The company now uses energy-efficient cooling units from the Rittal Blue e+ series to...

B. Braun

A data centre that meets Industry 4.0 requirements in a flash

The IT experts at B. Braun, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical technology and pharmaceutical products, were faced with a real challenge – rapidly expanding the site’s IT infrastructure ready for a new, state-of-the-art production facility.

Gartner Elektrotechnik

Growing with the help of automated enclosure machining technology

Gartner Elektrotechnik understands that for a business to grow, it must invest – in people, infrastructure and equipment. The electrical engineering company based in northern Austria has its sights set on process automation and growth with a Perforex LC...


Flight simulation for safety tests

Before an A320 can take off for its maiden flight from the runway at the Airbus factory in Hamburg-Finkenwerder, a variety of tests and simulations need to be successfully completed, during which powerful servers and other hardware components in...

Baumgartner Automation

Convincing certificates

Austrian company Baumgartner Automation mainly works for the construction industry. Impressive flagship projects include a major contract for a quarry in the UAE in collaboration with Rittal.

ene't GmbH

Container data centre from Rittal – fast and reliable

A high-performance, fail-safe data centre is vital for ene’t GmbH to safeguard its business success. Over 500 ene’t customers from the energy sector also rely on the high availability of the IT services provided by the company’s data centre, which is...


Perforex cuts process times by two-thirds

Automated enclosure machining with the Perforex from Rittal Automation Systems ensures full process continuity.

Nestlé, Switzerland

Hygienic design at the research centre

Nestlé demands state-of-the-art process technology, high availability and hygienic design when purchasing new machines from its suppliers, and Rittal is no exception.

Pneumatechnique Ltd.

Enclosure constructor cuts costs with automation solution from Rittal

British enclosure manufacturer Pneumatechnique Ltd. was looking for ways of using automation to reduce its operating costs – and found the perfect solution with Rittal.

Vitens Water Company

Digitization in the drinking water supply

The largest water company in the Netherlands is “digitalizing” the network to make the drinking water supply even more reliable. Vitens houses the components required to collect the necessary measurement data in robust outdoor enclosures from Rittal.

Universal Investment

Data centre installed in record time

Dynamic company growth necessitated a move to bigger premises for asset management company Universal-Investment. The most time-critical item on the project agenda was setting up a new data centre in Frankfurt. Rittal supplied a data centre in just six...


Rittal and the chocolate factory

Manner invests heavily in its production site. The long-established company’s new headquarters includes a data centre for which Rittal supplied the IT infrastructure.


End-to-end enclosure machining with Perforex

Fill GmbH is all set for digitalization with the help of solutions from Eplan and Rittal.

Schubert Elektroanlagen

The future belongs to automation

A Perforex helps Schubert Elektroanlagen meet speed and quality requirements. The virtual construction of the Rittal enclosure takes place with the help of the EPLAN Pro Panel engineering solution.


Energy saving with Rittal Blue e+

EVVA Sicherheitstechnologie GmbH’s CSR strategy includes a commitment to sustainability. Innovative components such as the new Blue e+ cooling units from Rittal are helping the company save energy.


Investment is safeguarding competitiveness

Switchgear manufacturer uses workshop automation to meet customer demands for shorter delivery times.

Province of South Holland

South Holland teleoperates waterways using IT infrastructure from Rittal

The province of South Holland in the Netherlands manages and maintains 78 bridges and locks belonging to its network of waterways. It has developed a standardised solution incorporating Rittal products to control this infrastructure, which involves...

Pezag Elektro AG

Precision planning of power distribution with Rittal

Pezag Elektro AG enlisted the help of partners such as Rittal to meet the stringent requirements involved in building a stadium in the Swiss city of Schaffhausen.


Data centre in just seven months

When tasked with providing a new data centre as quickly as possible, Chindata Co. Ltd., one of China’s biggest providers of cloud and colocation services, selected Rittal to assist with conceptual design and implementation.

Xylem Services GmbH

Xylem Services GmbH cuts operating costs with Rittal Blue e+ cooling units

Xylem Services GmbH is saving an annual five-figure sum by using Blue e+ cooling units from Rittal to cool its switchgear.


Hot water on the mountainside

A photovoltaic system and a combined heat and power plant operated with vegetable oil supply carbon-neutral electrical energy for the alpine hut of the German Alpine Association’s Coburg section. The hut offers hot showers, a drying room and even...

W. Althaus AG

Automation in panel building and switchgear construction

There is still much room for improvement in panel building and switchgear manufacturing. W. Althaus AG, based in Switzerland, has scrutinised and automated every process as far as possible.

Nestlé, Switzerland

Energy efficiency for roasted coffee

In addition to process heat, the food industry requires continuous cooling that is as energy efficient as possible. A great deal of energy is needed for everything from refrigerated storage and fast freezing to the cooling of electrical controls.


Almacenamiento de energía completo e inmediato

Commeo ha adoptado un enfoque completamente nuevo en el desarrollo de sistemas de almacenamiento de energía para crear un sistema apto para usos industriales, utilizando el sistema de armarios de control VX25 de Rittal para la tecnología de armarios.

Ford Motorenwerke

Service and efficiency check of cooling units reveals savings potentials

The Ford engine plant in Cologne was forced to shut down a number of times in the space of a year due to defective cooling units. The company immediately accepted the offer from Rittal to carry out a manufacturer-independent inventory of all cooling...

Weiling GmbH

Organic products at high speed

The Coesfeld-based organics wholesaler Weiling needed a new, stable IT infrastructure to handle the logistics associated with its rapid growth.

Alexander Bürkle

Electrical design with the digital twin

The company Alexander Bürkle, which employs around 800 people at 22 locations in southern Germany, is currently evolving from an electrical wholesaler to a service provider that offers intelligent engineering support for its customers in building...


High-availability, energy-efficient e-commerce processes with Rittal

An online retailer in the USA used Rittal systems to modernise its warehouses’ IT infrastructure and is also saving energy as a result.


Reliable protection of the electronic control functions during wet cleaning

“Maultaschen” (ravioli-like filled pasta cases) are a Swabian speciality and every day, nearly 1.5 million of them leave Bürger, a local, family-run business. State-of-the-art production and process technology and the highest hygiene standards are...

Celler Land Geflügel

Hygienic protection of the control electronics

Every day, more than 500,000 packs of fresh chicken leave Celler Landgeflügel. The highest standards of hygiene must be adhered to when preparing fresh poultry.

XPAR Vision

IT-supported manufacturing process monitoring

Extreme temperatures and ever-present dust in glass manufacturing are a big challenge for sensitive measurement systems. An IT infrastructure designed to withstand this kind of heat is therefore a must.


Well equipped for digititalization

In its search for a system that could cope with various measuring parameters and locations, the recycling company NGR came across the Rittal Smart Monitoring System.

Voith Turbo

Energy costs reduced by 70 per cent

Voith Turbo discovered that switching the enclosure climate control technology used for the machining centres in its production department to state-of-the-art Blue e+ cooling units from Rittal could deliver considerable efficiency savings.

Ingela Ltd.

First an extended workbench – now a professional service provider

“We want to exploit the potential of automation fully” says Ingo Straub, Managing Partner of Ingela. This has set the stage for further stages of automation. Secondly, Ingela introduced EPLAN Pro Panel for its 3D enclosure configuration and routing.


Hygienically packed fire extinguishers

In addition to the need for food processing machinery to be hygienically clean at all times, the immediate production environment must also meet the highest standards of cleanliness. This also applies to seemingly unrelated equipment such as fire...

National Bank of Kuwait

System availability of 99.982%

Demanding an availability of 99.982 per cent and permitting downtime of just 1.6 hours a year, the Uptime Institute has high expectations when it comes to Tier III certification of a data centre. The challenge faced by the National Bank of Kuwait was...

CPS Case Packaging System

Well packed

The production hall of Dutch company CPS Case Packing Systems in Stramproy has a total of 54 Rittal VX25 large enclosure systems. They house electrical control components for the nine packaging lines the company is setting up for a Canadian manufacturer...

Bosch Rexroth AG

A chiller in the iron foundry

Das Unternehmen Bosch Rexroth GmbH betreibt am Standort Lohr am Main eine eigene Gießerei, inklusive Sandaufbereitungsanlage. Beim Schutz der Steuerungstechnik entschied sich das Unternehmen für eine flüssigkeitsbasierte Kühllösung, den Top Therm...

Italian retailer

Perfect service

An Italian supermarket chain is using an IT infrastructure from Rittal to provide a unique shopping experience for customers and ensure the relevant IT processes benefit from high availability.

Duim techniek

VX25 large enclosures’ simple installation saves time

Each smart control unit built by the approximately 30 employees at Duim techniek is one of a kind, requiring considerable time, skill and effort to create. The VX25 large enclosure system from Rittal is one way of saving assembly and installation time.

Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA)

Hybrid system for drilling vessels

Based in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island, AKA provides solutions – incorporating components from Rittal – for open sea, offshore and industrial applications in the oil and gas industry, and also for supplying electricity at sea and on dry...


Consistent data boosts productivity

The major challenge for medium-sized panel building and switchgear manufacturing companies lies in completing projects as efficiently as possible while also delivering a quality result. A high degree of automation and end-to-end data retention – from...

Use Case

Prepared for every strong wind

Whether in the forests of Canada, remote villages in Australia or on the North Sea, wind turbines are expected to provide reliable electricity for well over twenty years. To achieve this, the electronics inside must be safely protected against cold,...


Realising the Industry 4.0 vision with 3D engineering

Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0 and the way it will revolutionise manufacturing. At Belgian medium-sized enterprise Ceratec, too, the management team has embraced digital transformation.

Vidal Automatización y Control

Panel building and switchgear manufacturing trimmed for efficiency

Flexibility and rapid production are two of the main demands placed on panel building and switchgear manufacturing today. Vidal Automatización y Control has been facing up to these challenges and looking for ways to increase the efficiency of the...


Clean milk production

To ensure supermarket customers reaching for a yoghurt or a bar of chocolate never have any cause for concern regarding the cleanliness of the manufacturing process, all machinery, equipment and components in food production lines must have a hygienic...

Canal Marine & Industrial

A standardised system: hybrid drives on the Great Lakes

In 2019, the Great Lakes Towing Company based in Cleveland, Ohio, commissioned the first three tugs with hybrid propulsion. Rittal is also on board, supplying the switchgear technology for the electric drive.

CSP Terminal

When enclosures have to brave wind and weather

Sea air may be regarded as being healthy, but not for electrical installations. Electrical components are normally housed in an enclosure that provides the necessary reliable protection against environmental influences.


VX25 as the foundation of sustainable technology

When Bepacom was constructing its new, completely energy-neutral company building and choosing which enclosure technology to use for the necessary electrical engineering installations, the decision was an easy one to make. The VX25 large enclosure...

H&W Control GmbH

Leading with hydropower

For a plant on Panama's highest mountain, the Volcán Barú, H&W Control relied on enclosures from Rittal. Five bays - three for energy management with the RiLine 1600 A busbar system and two bays for plant control - were delivered to Panama.

Demando GmbH

A cutting-edge data centre for Kaiserslautern

Kaiserslautern’s growing importance as a location for IT companies has led to the Pfalz region being referred to as “Silicon Woods”. Alongside its own applications, Demando GmbH now also hosts IT applications for other local authority establishments in...

ATR Industrie-Elektronik GmbH

ATR Industrie-Elektronik GmbH: Fit for the US market with UL certification

Krefeld-based ATR Industrie-Elektronik GmbH constructed a switchgear system with a total of 150 metres of enclosures for a fibreboard production plant in the United States. To ensure problem-free acceptance in Barnwell, South Carolina, the system had to...

OSI Food Solutions

Hygiene for the burger industry

Pure hygiene – that is the claim made by OSI Food Solutions Germany, and it is backed up with the very latest technology.

Ripploh Elektrotechnik & Engineering

Up to 1,500 wires in eight hours

Promoting automation is Andreas Ripploh’s goal. At his company, Ripploh Elektrotechnik & Engineering, for example, a Wire Terminal from Rittal is now in operation that significantly increases productivity in wire processing.

Fest GmbH

Twice as fast

Connecting auxiliary consumers in large control and switchgear systems has frequently been a complicated and time-consuming task involving a lot of manual work. Fest GmbH, a manufacturer of control and switchgear from Goslar in Germany has found a far...

Alte Referenzen

Alte Referenzen

Bosch Rexroth

Fifty percent less energy consumption

You should never underestimate the energy consumption of machine tools: cooling enclosures and spindles for instance account for more than 15 per cent of it. A test installation in a CNC lathe at Bosch Rexroth demonstrated that the new Rittal Blue e+...

Elpex AG

From jigsaws to automatic enclosure machining

Elpex uses a Perforex machining centre and a Secarex AC 15 cutting centre from Rittal Automation Systems to automate workshop processes.

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Lang GmbH

Energy consumption per machine has now been halved

CNC milling and engraving machines from Lang GmbH are in use all over the world. Similarly, energy efficiency and sustainability are also in demand worldwide. Thanks to Rittal’s Blue e+ chillers, mechanical engineering company Lang has taken an...


Centro de datos implementado directamente en el centro de producción

Un nuevo edificio sería demasiado caro y tardaría demasiado en realizarse, pero la instalación en las inmediaciones de las oficinas sería demasiado ruidosa el equipo de gestión de TI de HamiltonJet, un proveedor de la industria de la construcción naval...

Elpex AG

Como por arte de magia: un procesado de cables ocho veces más rápido

Antes, casi la mitad del tiempo de producción se dedicaba al cableado. Un ejemplo de ello es que para el cableado de un armario de distribución estándar se necesitan hasta 54 horas. Pero para Elpex AG la situación ha cambiado por completo.

AuCom Global Solutions

400 instalaciones de distribución en solo nueve meses

La presión por reducir los costes frente a la competencia de cara a proyectos internacionales es todo un reto, pero nunca comprometiendo la calidad de los productos. El equipo de especialistas de AuCom Global Solutions ha podido anteponerse equipándose...

Hansgrohe SE

Astounding energy savings

Rapidly mounting energy costs are forcing companies in the manufacturing industry to consume less energy without losing productivity. Besides offering advice and service, Rittal is supporting its customers with new technologies. Production managers at...


Hennecke-OMS confía en un estándar global

La empresa italiana Hennecke-OMS utiliza el sistema de armarios grandes VX25 de Rittal para los sistemas de fabricación de sus placas de aislamiento de poliuretano. Y no solo sorprenden su amplia variedad de funciones y su compatibilidad con la...

Momberg Group

Rápida instalación de parques fotovoltaicos gracias a los armarios de poliéster

La demanda de sistemas fotovoltaicos modernos es enorme. Para poder suministrar un gran número de piezas al mismo tiempo que se mantiene la resistencia y la rapidez de entrega, la empresa brasileña Momberg Group utiliza los armarios de poliéster de la...

Elektro Vieweg

Sin miedo a los fallos eléctricos

Los fallos eléctricos son una pesadilla. Si en un centro de logística de venta a distancia en línea se detienen los equipos de clasificación de paquetes, los transelevadores, las unidades de transporte y la recogida de pedidos, es posible que el...