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Get ready for the all electric society

The challenge of energy transition

Climate protection and energy transition pose enormous challenges for companies. Whether in the energy sector itself or other industrial sectors, net zero calls for environmentally friendly technologies and solutions that not only meet complex requirements but also ensure international competitiveness.

Time for energy transition

To stop climate change, we must cut CO2 emissions to a minimum. The solution to this lies in energy transition, where electricity is sourced from renewable sources, and growing energy demands are met by CO2 neutrality.

To make this vision a reality,

  • Fossil fuels must be phased out as soon as possible and
  • A secure and high-performance infrastructure must be created,
  • Providing electricity economically and affordably.
  • At the same time, the efficient use of energy must be pursued.

The traditional “one-way street” of energy supply is being replaced by a decentralised infrastructure of smaller systems that generate energy to use directly or feed it back to the mains grid.

The consequences: the complexity of the entire system magnifies significantly so that the infrastructure has to be adapted, expanded and further thought through.

However, expansion seems to have stalled. Instead of falling, emissions reached a new record high in 2022. As a leading industrial nation, we need to be driving developments forward.

The key to success lies in digitialisation and the associated networking of all areas. We will only be able to progress towards a more sustainable society if everyone involved makes a joint and concerted commitment and effort. Take this chance – Electrify your system!

Future energy systems are going to be digital, reliable and sustainable.

Rittal and sister companies Eplan and German Edge Cloud offer the right solutions for the entire process, from design and engineering to construction and plant management. Rely on systematic digitalisation and standardisation and automate your operations – to make your company more efficient and future-proofed.

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Challenges also present opportunities

Rittal is committed to delivering to the energy industry a tailored product range, including modular, standardised solutions for sector-specific challenges. 

Find out more about the market segments and the efficient use of electricity:

Power generation

A considerable effort during expansion and restructuring

The move away from fossil fuels is leading to the rapid expansion of many decentralised generation plants. Trouble-free operation is essential, as a permanent power supply must be ensured.

Power transmission

Grid infrastructure – strong, intelligent, and future-proof

The growing share of renewables in the energy mix will put an enormous strain on the exisiting power grid and greatly increase the system’s complexity. The energy infrastructure therefore has to become more transparent, flexible and intelligent.

Energy storage

Building blocks for the energy system of the future

“Green” electricity is not fed into the grid permanently and evenly. Energy storage facilities are therefore indispensable for the success of energy transition to keep the grid in balance.

Energy consumption

Charging infrastructure, energy efficiency and sector coupling

Energy transition does not end with the distribution and storage of electricity. It is about efficient energy management to reduce power consumption, as well as increasing e-mobility and sector coupling.

Electrify your system – Rittal offers you key and distinct advantages.

Basic solutions for the different requirements of the energy sector are available to you as a modular system. With preconfigured solutions, “efficient design and engineering” is guaranteed as you receive the relevant Eplan project plan and the complete documentation directly. On request, Rittal will configure the enclosures to your specifications with busbar systems and, if required, will also install the air circuit-breakers (ACBs) that you provide at the pre-assembly centre.

Save valuable time and concentrate on your core competences.

A scalable modular system allows you to flexibly configure your solution. It provides maximum versatility thanks to manufacturer-independent assembly with the Ri4Power system, which accommodates circuit-breakers from every well-known manufacturer. Should your requirements change? Again that’s no problem – the system can be expanded at any time

Put your trust in the proven quality and reliability of Rittal products. The tried, tested and certified Rittal system technology offers you maximum personal safety and reliability. Create the necessary security of supply on the way to energy transition. 

Compliance with international standards and regulations lets you use Rittal solutions worldwide. Furthermore, with production and service locations around the globe, Rittal can support you on the ground in any location, meaning even more assurance for your international business.

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