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Beat the competition with our enclosure and case system, distinguished by its simplicity, assembly-friendliness and versatile functions.


Power distribution

Play it safe with super-flexible power distribution technology. Our tested solutions stand out from the crowd with their simple, safe assembly and user-friendly planning.


Climate control

Boost your efficiency and protect the environment at the same time with our energy-saving, eco-friendly climate control solutions for enclosures and machines.


Rittal Automation Systems

Our range of solutions, from manual tools through to fully automated machine technology, will significantly accelerate your processes.


IT infrastructure

Future-centric solutions for your IT infrastructure are efficient, secure and scalable. Rittal supplies customised complete solutions across the entire spectrum, from micro data centres through to data centres in containers.



A comprehensive range of system accessories for industrial and IT enclosures for infinite possibilities for enclosure population.

Expert knowledge

Tips and tricks

“What protection categories are required in North America?”, “What is the correct way to earth a cable shield?”, “Do I need a base/plinth for my enclosure?”. These and the answers to countless other FAQs and specialist topics on every aspect of our...


Embark on an interconnected, smart and sustainable future with us

Rittal’s solutions are driven by digitalisation, automation and industrialisation. Our philosophy is always to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability. This ensures that you emerge victorious from the digital transformation.