AuCom Global Solutions

Four hundred switchgear units in just nine months

Although cost pressure is a major challenge when competing for international projects, sacrificing product quality is not an option. The specialists from AuCom Global Solutions were able to prevail over the competition with Rittal’s automated manufacturing processes and standardised enclosure technology, they have managed to win one of Egypt's largest infrastructure projects.


AuCom Global Solutions
Sendenhorst, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

A strict time-frame for a project in Egypt to construct 400 switchgear units for 70 pumping stations in automated production


Rittal VX SE free-standing enclosure system, Perforex MT milling centre, WT C wire terminal, a fully automatic wire harnessing machine, and high level of standardisation

In Sendenhorst, North Rhine-Westphalia, the European subsidiary of New Zealand’s AuCom manufactures soft starters for the large industrial motors used in pumping stations, climate control compressors and other major projects over an area of 2,800 m². They can be used to lower energy consumption when starting large industrial motors and reduce the load on drives, power grids and power plants, such as when used in large pumping stations for the water storage tanks of the “Newdelta” mega-infrastructure project in Egypt. To this end, AuCom had to deliver 400 switchgear units for 70 new pumping stations in just nine months. This was a mammoth task that could only be accomplished through automated production and a high degree of standardisation in enclosure machining.

To be competitive, we need to define a clear standard: We use Rittal’s standard as our own. The VX SE is exactly the enclosure model that makes the most sense for us. It allows us to cut out the most work steps.
Thomas Zirk-Gunnemann, CEO of AuCom Global Solutions

Automation and standardisation

AuCom was able to define clear standards at an early stage and chose the VX SE free-standing enclosure system from Rittal in three different sizes. Besides the technical benefits, Rittal’s promise of 24-hour delivery was decisive. AuCom does not need any add-on options for its enclosures, since the soft starter technology can only be installed as a stand-alone solution in a free-standing enclosure. There is also no need for access to the enclosure from the side for expansion. This also eliminates any need for separate side panels or additional packaging materials. Unlike baying suites with frames and removable side panels, the free-standing enclosure has a body made from one piece of sheet steel or stainless-steel. Integral side panels including roof plates, as well as a smaller number of individual components make ordering and assembly much easier – and thus faster. Additional time is also saved by the fact that the side panels of the roof are already conductively connected to the frame, meaning that there is no need for any separate earthing to the frame.

To remain competitive, Aucom also invested in automation solutions from Rittal and Eplan engineering software. The Wire Terminal fully automated wire processing machine, the Perforex machining centre and engineering software from Eplan are used.

When the whole package just works

Although there were alternative market solutions to choose from for setting up automated production and a platform for the enclosure technology, AuCom decided - right from the start - to kick off with a new complete package of standard enclosures and automation technology. Thomas Zirk-Gunnemann: “We have defined a standard for ourselves that can be further expanded with additional options. Depending on customer requirements, our enclosures can be fitted with any number of system components such as stays and punched sections with additional motor protection switches, terminals or protective relays. In the end, we decided to obtain everything from a single source and to start a partnership with Rittal and Eplan.”

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