Momberg Group

Rapid implementation of the photovoltaic field with plastic enclosures

The demand for modern photovoltaic systems is enormous. To supply the industry with huge quantities of them while maintaining high robustness and speed, the Brazilian Momberg Group not only uses enclosures from the AX plastic range; prototyping and machining are carried out in Eplan Pro Panel and the Perforex BC milling machining centre. This is because sustainability has to be achieved quickly.


Momberg Group
Sorocaba, Brazil

Rapid creation of enclosures for safety-relevant components that need to withstand dust, moisture and UV radiation.


Installation of the AX range of plastic enclosures

Planning with EPLAN Pro Panel

Machining by Perforex BC

Photovoltaic energy systems of all sizes are increasing not only in Europe, but also in South America in particular. To use solar energy effectively and sustainably, a special component is needed: the string box. It transmits the strings to the modules and, as a safety-relevant component, prevents electrical upsets like short circuits in photovoltaic technology. This is achieved using string collectors that “collect” the current from the photovoltaic modules. Brazilian-based Momberg Group specialises in the manufacture of high-performance string boxes under the product name TECBOX®. The company relies heavily on expertise from Rittal and Eplan to deliver high volumes for the technology of the future.

The collaboration with Eplan and Rittal was worth its weight in gold for us. With the AX plastic enclosures, we have not just obtained a suitable enclosure, but have also been able to rely on the expertise of the two companies throughout the entire machin-ing process.
André Pinheiro, Momberg Group

The Momberg Group not only manufactures the TECBOX® for private photovoltaic applications, the size of the systems that Momberg equips is indeed enormous. Momberg has completed a large solar park for a project involving one of the country's largest energy companies, which called for 600 string boxes. The company faced numerous challenges. The boxes needed to be resistant to both UV radiation and humidity, and the customer also had very tight deadlines. In cooperation with Rittal and Eplan, a time-saving and effective solution was possible. With their high IP66 protection classification, the Rittal AX plastic enclosures are very well suited for use in large solar farms. The housing protects the electrical components inside safely and reliably from sunlight, humidity and dust.

The Perforex BC milling centre

Thanks to its many years of experience, Rittal has already taken on the prototyping in the joint project with Momberg. Planning was performed in the Eplan Pro Panel software application. The machining process also benefited from the integrated data management. A Perforex BC was used to machine the many enclosures at high speed. Rittal and Momberg could machine 14 enclosures every day, with 25 holes being prepared for each enclosure.

“Thanks to the automation with the Perforex BC, we could save a considerable amount of time in the machining process,” André Pinheiro says with pride. Thanks to the interaction and expertise of Rittal, Eplan and Momberg, it was possible to meet the tight deadline and create a safe photovoltaic system that will reliably provide clean electricity for Brazil in the future.