Lefdal Mine

Rittal and the Lefdal Mine Datacenter.

Solutions with depth. The Lefdal Mine Datacenter (LMD) sets new standards. The five-storey tunnel system with 75 chambers provides 120,000 square metres of infrastructure space with a potential total capacity of 200 megawatts. “Lefdal Mine Datacenter not only sets standards in high-performance computing. It is also geared to sustainability with 100 percent of its power coming from renewable resources. Water power to be exact.“, claims Martin Kipping, Rittal’s, Vice President Data Center. Rittal is on board with this superlative project as a strategic technology partner.

Solutions with depth:

Rittal will supply standardised RiMatrix S data centre modules to the LMD, which score highly in terms of flexibility and cost efficiency. The preconfigured, space-saving modules are supplied in containers and comprise ten or twelve server racks which are ready to use immediately, complete with power distribution, climate control and software for monitoring and IT infrastructure management. This allows the flexible use of IT systems for everything from colocation and private clouds, to ITaaS (IT as a service) and DCaaS (data centre as a service).

The climate control solution is from Rittal’s Liquid Cooling Package (LCP) range. The LCP draws in waste air from the servers, cools it down to the required inlet temperature of 15° C using a special heat exchanger linked to the cold fjord water circuit at 7° C, and returns it to the system. The overall result is a PUE (power usage effectiveness) of less than 1.1, ensuring a high degree of energy efficiency. As well as being inexpensive, the electricity used is also very sustainable, since 97 percent of it is from renewable energy sources.

The underground data centre also has another inestimable benefit: Security! There is only one optimum entry point to the facility, while the rock formation provides natural protection from electromagnetic waves. Specially trained security staff patrol the entire installation around the clock, 365 days a year. A threestage authentication process and intelligent camera systems provide additional security.

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