PC enclosure based on SE 8

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Function, Operting concept and Security


  • No collision between the interior installations and the enclosure panel holders in the vicnity of the side panels
  • Rear door allows easy access for servicing

Operating Concept

  • Innovative keyboard drawer concept
  • Handle strip folds down to serve as a handrest during data input
  • Integral mousepad extension piece, pulls out to the left or right
  • Stowage tray for mouse behind the keyboard
  • Keyboards up to 70 mm height may be used
  • Altrenative operating concept via fold-out tray or desk section


  • High level of access protection thanks to one-piece side panels and roof, plus interior glazed door look and lockable keyboard drawer
  • Glazed door with supporting frame and single-pane safety glass
  • Cable support hinged on the keyboard pullout, for secure cable routing

PC enclosure systems


  • Enclosure door, mounting compartment, supports: Sheet steel
  • Handles, decorative trim panels: Plastic
  • Door trim panels: Aluminium
  • Also available in stainless steel

Protection category

  • IP 55 to IEC 60 529, complies with NEMA 12 


  • UL/CUL

Supply includes:

  • Enclosure, door, rear door and enclosure-specific supply scope

Replacement list

PC enclosure TS
Old Model No.
PC enclosure SE
New Model No.
8366.0005366.000 - with glazed door and keyboard drawer
8366.1005366.100 - with glazed door and folding keyboard
8366.2005366.200 - with glazed door and desk section
8366.3005366.300 - with glazed door, mounting compartment small, and keyboard drawer
8366.4005366.400 - with mounting compartment large and keyboard drawer
8368.0005368.000 - with glazed door and keyboard drawer
8368.1005368.000 - with different front design (keyboard drawer instead of folding keyboard)