Benefits for planners

“Rittal series chillers simplify and speed up selection, planning and supply processes!”

Quick and easy project planning thanks to all data and macros being available in the EPLAN Data Portal, in EPLAN Fluid and on the CADENAS platform.

Series production of standardised solutions means Rittal chillers with a wide output range of 1 to 40 kW are available from stock. Pre-configured options simplify the order process and also cut delivery times.

Compliance with international standards and approval criteria enables global use.

The wide voltage range means units are compatible with all common mains frequencies and voltages around the world.

The reliable worldwide Rittal service network and global availability of spare parts ensure fail-safe operation. Components are given QR codes, which makes it easier to reorder consumables and spare parts.

Selection and planning – your climate control system in just 4 steps

The Rittal chiller configurator makes the process of selecting the appropriate chiller 40% faster.

It’s this easy:

  • Easy calculation of cooling output
  • Automatic selection of series (0,3 to 50 kW)
  • Selection of product-specific system accessories
  • Automatic transfer to parts list
  • Pre-defined options are easy to select
  • Access to explanation of options that can be selected
  • Automatic compilation of all technical data
  • Interactive characteristic curves (cooling output & pump performance) available
  • Drawings in various formats can be downloaded via CADENAS
  • Automatic transfer to shopping cart/web shop

The benefits for you:

  • Accurate and automated calculation basis
  • Error-free configuration of products and accessories
  • Quick and easy ordering thanks to pre-defined options
  • Manufacturing documents (e.g. characteristic curves, drawings, parts lists) available in just a few clicks
  • Direct transfer to Rittal online shop with price and availability details

Wide output range of 1 to 50 kW available from stock


TopTherm chillers 1 - 6 kW

Roof-mounted and stand-alone TopTherm chillers are both flexible and compact. They provide for economical chilling of a central cooling water supply for air/water heat exchangers or the like. With nano-coated condenser as standard.


Chillers Blue e+ 1 - 6 kW

Blue e+ chillers are efficient, flexible and compact. They offer central, cost-effective chilling of the cooling water and are used to supply air/water heat exchangers etc. Up to 70% energy savings thanks to speed-controlled components and inverter...


Chillers Blue e 8 - 48 kW

The Blue e chiller in the floor standing enclosure provides centralised, efficient cooling of the cooling water. The microchannel technology reduces the volume of refrigerant required. Intuitive operation via touch display and intelligent communications...

TopTherm chiller in enclosure

VX25 TopTherm chiller 8 - 20 kW

VX25 TopThem chillers are compact in design yet have a wide range of cooling applications. They fit perfectly with all enclosures, have a minimum footprint, promise increased efficiency and are instantly available from stock.

Further information and contacts for tailored advice


Rittal chillers in use

Bosch Rexroth AG

A chiller in the iron foundry

When temperatures reach 40°C, things get uncomfortably hot for electronics. In iron foundries, of course, it regularly gets even hotter. At its site in Lohr am Main, Bosch Rexroth GmbH runs its own foundry, which incorporates a sand preparation plant....

Bosch Rexroth

Fifty percent less energy consumption

You should never underestimate the energy consumption of machine tools: cooling enclosures and spindles for instance account for more than 15 per cent of it. A test installation in a CNC lathe at Bosch Rexroth demonstrated that the new Rittal Blue e+...