Safety and flexibility also on the airport

Outdoor aviation solutions

No compromise when it comes to safety

Outdoor enclosure solution for airport infrastructure

The aviation industry is characterised by turbulence. Outdoor installations at the airport require an especially robust construction due to the high wind speeds. At the same time, flexibility is required to expand and extend existing systems. At the same time, flexibility is decisive to allow future expansion of the existing systems.

Rittal offers a diverse standard portfolio of enclosures and matching climate control solutions to guarantee smooth and safe operations. The ideal protection for your application can be supplied in just 24/48 hours, for example for

  • airport lights and beacons
  • security systems
  • power distribution / apron distribution stations
  • active and passive IT applications

Exposure to aggressive substances such as jet fuel, urea and de-icing agents on the apron and along the runways places especially high demands on the resilience of outdoor enclosures. At the same time, high pressure resistance to cope with aircraft take-off and landing, and protection against extreme temperature conditions and severe weather are imperative. Only then is the reliable operation of safety-critical infrastructure guaranteed and the risk of extremely high downtime costs minimised.

Environment 1 to 4

From “Indoor Advanced” to “Outdoor Extreme”

Protection areas where the equipment and systems are used are just as diverse as the applications at the airport. The most common installation location is Outdoor Advanced, followed by the Outdoor Light environment. However, solutions are also needed indoors in Environment 1 and the unprotected Outdoor Extreme area. With Rittal, you have the perfect partner who can meet all your needs as a standard – entirely in line with your requirements.

Typical solutions for aviation

Outdoor enclosures

CS Toptec

Outdoor enclosure with 100 mm transport plinth and rain canopy with projections on all sides. Side panels, rear panel and door fully double-walled on the outside, the entire TS 8 frame is available for interior installation.

Roof/wall mounting

Outdoor housing for compact enclosures AX

Housing for AX compact enclosures, for use outdoors. For creating an enclosure-within-an-enclosure concept. Cut-out at the bottom and integrated louvres in the side and base for optimum enclosure ventilation.

Outdoor enclosures

Outdoor Basic enclosures

Single-walled enclosure systems, one-door and two-door. Ready to use in all applications with passive interior installation or minimal heat loss in the outdoor sector. Roof concept with all-round louvred grilles

Climate control


Heaters ensure that the right thermal output is always available to prevent condensation, particularly with outdoor siting.

Outdoor climate control

Wall-mounted cooling unit Blue e+ outdoor 1.5 kW – 5.0 kW

Energy-efficient Blue e+ outdoor wall-mounted cooling units in output categories ranging from 1500 W to 5000 W. With their high protection category of IP 56 / UL type 12/3R/4 and a temperature range of -30 °C to 60 °C, they provide...


Stainless steel

Small enclosures, compact enclosures, enclosure systems, operating housings, support arm systems