Outdoor solutions for power supplies

Safeguarding the energy transition

Protection against black-outs

Outdoor enclosures for power supply systems

The power supply infrastructure faces significant challenges. On the one hand, the demand for electricity is increasing, for example to serve e-mobility. At the same time, more and more electricity is being generated using renewable energies such as wind and solar power. Compared to conventional energy sources, this generation is subject to considerably greater fluctuations.

The growing operational complexity of our power grids thus calls for broader, more powerful and smarter grid infrastructures.

Power grids depend on reliable solutions to ensure trouble-free operations. To this end, Rittal offers you a portfolio of secure and robust outdoor enclosures, together with matching climate control systems, for optimum protection of your installations.

A modular system of standard products permits configuration of an individual solution. Deliveries within 24 hours secure the ultimate reliability of your applications, for example

  •  Outdoor relay protection cabinets
  •  Local protection cabinets
  •  Monitoring and control boxes

Surface, corrosion and humidity protection play a decisive role for power supply systems. The solution lies in high-quality materials and optimum corrosion protection.

Varying climate conditions and seasonal fluctuations make optimum temperature control imperative for trouble-free operation. Rittal offers you a broad spectrum of climate control options – tailored to your individual requirements.

Environment 1 and 3

Indoor Advanced Protection and Outdoor Advanced  

While transformer stations can be assigned to installation environment 1, electrical substations belong in environments 1 and 3. Some converter stations may also be installed in areas classed Indoor Advanced Protection, while others must be assigned to category 3 or even an Outdoor Extreme environment in case of offshore installations. Safe and secure in every environment.

Typical solutions for power supply systems

Outdoor enclosures

CS Toptec

Outdoor enclosure with 100 mm transport plinth and rain canopy with projections on all sides. Side panels, rear panel and door fully double-walled on the outside, the entire TS 8 frame is available for interior installation.

Outdoor enclosures

Outdoor Basic enclosures

Single-walled enclosure systems, one-door and two-door. Ready to use in all applications with passive interior installation or minimal heat loss in the outdoor sector. Roof concept with all-round louvred grilles

Small enclosures

Cast aluminium enclosures GA

Robust wall-mounted enclosure made from cast aluminium, spray-finished. Protection category IP 66. Optimum corrosion protection makes it ideal for use in harsh environments. Simple interior installation.

Outdoor enclosures

Plastic enclosures AX

AX plastic enclosures, optionally with or without viewing panel, are ideally suited to applications in the outdoor sector. Numerous mounting bosses inside the enclosure allow individual interior configuration on a 25 mm pitch pattern, e.g. with punched...

Outdoor climate control

Wall-mounted cooling unit Blue e+ outdoor 1.5 kW – 5.0 kW

Energy-efficient Blue e+ outdoor wall-mounted cooling units in output categories ranging from 1500 W to 5000 W. With their high protection category of IP 56 / UL type 12/3R/4 and a temperature range of -30 °C to 60 °C, they provide...


Enclosure heater without fan

Enclosure heaters to regulate relative humidity, prevent temperatures from dropping below the dew point and stop condensation forming inside the enclosure. This prevents consequential damage associated with corrosion or electrical short circuits....