Outdoor enclosures in the process industry

Maximum protection for your equipment

Maximum system availability is imperative

Outdoor enclosure solution for the process industry

In the process industry, failure of a single component often brings the whole process to a standstill. Plant and equipment must thus be afforded maximum protection, especially outdoors. The incorporation of standard components means that you receive your chosen Rittal solution within 24 hours. That minimises the risk of downtime and enables you to respond quickly to dynamic developments such as those currently seen in the oil and gas industry.

With a modular system comprising  enclosure and climate control systems, Rittal offers you a matching solution for all your individual applications, for example:

  • for pipeline flow measurements
  • for distributed control systems
  • for remote I/O systems in the LNG sector

When it comes to explosion protection, you must comply with a diversity of national and international regulations. With a portfolio of tested, standard-compliant solutions, and all the relevant approvals, Rittal offers you outdoor enclosures and corresponding climate control systems ready for worldwide use – quickly and reliably.

Our Ex enclosures are designed for use in Ex zones 1 and 2, and are also suitable for outdoor siting.

Wide temperature fluctuations call for maximum robustness and resilience. At the same time, a broad spectrum of cooling units, chillers, fan-and-filter units and heaters enables you to select a suitable climate control solution for your individual requirements.

Environment 3

Environment 3

Outdoor Advanced

In the process industry, many plant systems and installations are located outside the Ex zone. That means that enclosures are exposed to both the weather and the effects of corrosive atmospheres. One answer is to provide a weather canopy and high corrosion protection in accordance with installation environment 3.

Typical solutions for the process industry

Special applications

Ex enclosures

Empty enclosures in stainless steel and plastic, ideal for use in the chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as for offshore installations.

Outdoor enclosures

Plastic enclosures AX

AX plastic enclosures, optionally with or without inspection window, are ideal for outdoor applications. Numerous mounting domes in the enclosure provide individual interior configuration options in a 25 mm pitch pattern, e.g. with punched sections and...

Outdoor enclosures

CS Toptec

Outdoor enclosure with 100 mm transport plinth and rain canopy with projections on all sides. Side panels, rear panel and door fully double-walled on the outside, the entire TS 8 frame is available for interior installation.

Enclosure heater

Enclosure heater without fan

Enclosure heaters to regulate relative humidity, prevent temperatures from dropping below the dew point and stop condensation forming inside the enclosure. This prevents consequential damage associated with corrosion or electrical short circuits....