Climate control

Liquid cooling

Efficient liquid cooling may be used in all situations where a high cooling load is required, such as process and machine cooling or when dissipating heat loss from enclosures via air/water heat exchangers.

More chilling isn‘t possible

Liquid cooling offers a highly efficient way of climate control in many industrial applications. Discover the advantages of Rittal chillers - from planning to application.

Liquid cooling

Air/water heat exchanger, wall-mounted

For mounting on the wall or any sufficiently large vertical surface. Cooling output 0.3 kW – 7 kW. Protection category IP 55 as standard. Cooling output 0.65 kW and 1.2 kW also available in IP 56/59 for hygienically sensitive production areas in...

Liquid cooling

Air/water heat exchangers roof-mounted

For mounting on the roof surface. Cooling output 1.87 kW – 4 kW. Protection category IP 55 as standard. Particularly suitable for use in harsh environments. Flexible water connection options.

Liquid cooling

Liquid Cooling Package LCP Rack Industry

Air/water heat exchanger, easily bayable, for the VX25 baying system in a compact design for dissipating high heat loads of up to 10 kW.

Liquid cooling


Centralised, efficient cooling and supply of the cooling medium (generally water). Chillers are used for particularly high heat loads. A single pipeline system takes care of all cooling tasks on the system or machine. Cooling output 1 kW – 48 kW....