Make IT perfect.

With built-in added value and high energy efficiency.

  • Comprehensive standard features
  • Numerous extras with added value
  • High energy efficiency

The TS IT rack from Rittal already meets practically all demands placed on network and server enclosures with its comprehensive standard features.

Many innovative details represent integrated added value. For example, the rack is already prepared for Dynamic Rack Control or simple cable management. The integrated pitch patterns permit direct determination of the level spacing for simple component positioning.

At the same time, the rack possesses front and back height unit labelling which is readable from the outside. The extra convenience is yet another means to save time.

Particularly valuable: The TS IT rack offers high energy efficiency, thanks to the flexible compartmentalisation for rack, suite and room climate control, and the variable termination with an all-round brush strip. The compartmentalisation provides additional mounting space of up to 6 U, depending on the version.