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For industry and IT

Rittal is committed to working with strong partners such as Eplan and German Edge Cloud to offer concrete solutions that will help you successfully overcome whatever challenges you are currently facing in your particular industry.

Industry solutions

Making a success of digitalization

We all agree – if companies want to safeguard their business over the long term, they need to be more systematic than ever in using end-to-end data along with standardised processes and solutions to streamline their operations. Climate protection is now also a highly topical issue, and this increased awareness means companies need to combine economy and ecology.

We have therefore developed a flexible, modular system that also provides custom, made-to-measure solutions. Our focus is on providing the best possible support for your value chains and processes. Wherever industry and IT are growing closer, Rittal has the perfect solution.

Energy efficiency

Sustainability pays off

Companies are using energy-efficient cooling units and climate control solutions to realise significant potential for cutting costs and reducing their carbon footprint.

Food and Beverage

Food safety, hygiene and digitization with Rittal

Food safety is a top priority during production operations. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, too.

Nestlé Schweiz

A pörkölt kávé energiahatékonysága

Az élelmiszeriparban nem csak technológiai hőre van szükség, hanem folyamatos hűtésre is - a lehető leghatékonyabb energiafelhasználással. Nemcsak az élelmiszerek hűtött tárolása és gyorsfagyasztása igényel sok energiát, hanem az elektromos vezérlések...

IT solutions

Flexible and powerful

Our IT solutions are based on high-performance network and server racks in all sizes – from standalone rack applications to fully configured data centres. Our solutions cover the entire value chain – from configuration, production, logistics and any reworking required on customer premises all the way through to smart maintenance and service solutions.

We also provide flexible infrastructure and cloud solutions in the form of “IT-as-a-Service” models. The all-in-one solution ONCITE helps companies meet the challenges associated with digitalization. With this industrial edge data centre, you can massively increase the added value you generate internally with your existing in-house IT infrastructures as data sources.

Edge Computing

Ready for the digital transformation with edge computing

Edge computing creates the basis for real-time applications and Industry 4.0. Many sectors and companies are already benefiting from this high-performance technology made available by Rittal.


We are ready for digital health

Digitalization is transforming the entire healthcare sector, with e-health set to play a more important role in healthcare provision.

B. Braun

Adatközpont az Ipar 4.0 követelményeinek megfelelően, pillanatok alatt

A B. Braun, orvostechnikai és gyógyszeripari termékek egyik vezető globális gyártójának informatikai szakértői valódi kihívással szembesültek: az új, korszerű gyártóüzem az informatikai infrastruktúra gyors bővítését tette szükségessé.