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Nordex wind turbines: Safely stowed at a lofty height

Over the past ten years, the amount of energy generated from wind power in Germany has more than quadrupled. For example, Nordex has added three new wind turbines to the Siegbach wind farm in the densely wooded Schelder Wald

in Hesse And it is technology from another Hessebased company – Rittal – that ensures the plant keeps on running under conditions that can often be extreme.

“As a manufacturer of wind turbines, we are extremely keen that the integrated components don’t just work reliably, but can also be installed and maintained quickly and easily.”

Thomas Brix, Head of System Department Electrical Engineering at Nordex

The tallest of the three 2.5 megawatt turbines in Siegbach wind farm measures 190 metres from base to rotor tip. The farm is designed to generate 16 million kilowatt hours of electricity each year – enough for around 6,400 households.

Local and secure

The technology inside the turbines comes from the local area. From the base of the tower to the nacelle way up in the air, Rittal enclosures provide the comprehensive protection required to keep the integrated components operating smoothly. The demands are high, because the enclosures are subjected to strong vibrations and high temperature fluctuations.

Flexible and expandable

Wind turbines convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. In addition to the rotor, drive shaft and gear mechanism, this requires a whole host of electrical and electronic components – converters, controllers, safety devices and communication and monitoring modules are all integrated into TS 8 enclosures from Rittal. Due to their profiles, system punchings and exceptional flexibility, these enclosures offer a diverse range of application options. Key advantages include the ability to configure the enclosures on two mounting levels and direct baying, which means that customers can subsequently extend the enclosures in a spacesaving manner.

Specially secured

Due to the constant movements and vibrations that affect the turbines, the enclosures are also springmounted on rubber bearings and steel beams. This, combined with the earthquake kits used to reinforce the enclosures, provides

the ideal protection to ensure the turbines in the Siegbach wind farm keep on working.