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Sustainability that works

Discover the world's most efficient climate control solutions and smart service concepts to help reduce the carbon footprint of your machines and systems.

RiMatrix Next Generation – Modular is the way forward.

Exceptional modularity and flexibility aligning rack, power, cooling, monitoring and security to meet all your IT needs.

Works as if on its own

Automation solutions for a small business

Free-standing enclosure system VX SE

Because often, simple is best


Configure and order now. It couldn’t be simpler.

Modification Centre

Fast and reliable assembly and machining


System Catalogue 35

Industrial Enclosure Solutions 8.1

Food Grade Vs Non-Food Grade Enclosures

New AX Plastic Enclosure

Benefit from a unique, unparalleled system platform for industry and IT.

Our software

Software solutions from Rittal and Eplan include expert support at every phase, from engineering, to procurement, through to manufacturing and operation.

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Local references

Weta Digital

Weta Digital Wins Data Centre Efficiency Award

The expandable capacity of the data centre infrastructure ensures that Weta Digital’s work can be supported by faster and more powerful technology well into the future.

St John Ambulance

Providing Life Saving Data Centre Container for New Zealand Emergency Service

St John Ambulance choose Rittal solution for its solidity, stability, robustness and the ability to continue operating under most natural disaster conditions


Rittal Selected for New Secure Data Centre Container

Orion received a complete solution for their data centre infrastructure and security needs from Rittal