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    • Podstavec Base/plinth system VX, Flex-Block, base/plinths etc. Podstavec
    • Dno Base/plinth systems as a stable enclosure base, levelling feet to compensate for floor irregularities, castors for mobile use. Gain extra space – use the base/plinth area to accommodate cables. Dno
    • Steny Side panels to close bayed enclosure suites at the sides, dividers and partitions for functional separation of individual areas, isolator door/safety locks to UL regulations Steny
    • Pripojovacia technika Whether you are transporting fully configured bayed enclosure suites, or assembling individual units on site, we have the right solution for every baying situation in enclosure manufacturing. Pripojovacia technika
    • Dvere/uzávery Modular front design and partial doors for a range of authorisation concepts, glazed doors and viewing windows for user-friendly inspections, handle and lock variants, depending on your security requirements Dvere/uzávery
    • Upevnenie na strechu/na stenu There are various jobs to be carried out on top of the enclosure that are solved to perfection with matching system accessories: Crane transportation, cable entry, cooling, displays for identification, pressure relief, wall mounting Upevnenie na strechu/na stenu
    • Vnútorná konštrukcia Mounting plates, bar systems, assembly components, component shelves, system lights, EMC, earthing socket strips Vnútorná konštrukcia
    • Systémové svietidlá A perfectly illuminated enclosure enhances work safety. Innovative lighting technology, tool-free quick assembly, integral motion sensors and door-operated switches are just some of the features of system lights. Systémové svietidlá
    • Napájanie napätím Socket strips, connector strips, junction box, socket, Energy-Box, PCU Napájanie napätím
    • Káblové vedenie Cable entries, gland plates, cable glands, cable entries, cable routing, 482.6 mm (19") cable routing Káblové vedenie
    • 19" montážna technika Swing frames, mounting angles, installation kits for mounting angles, accessories for Rittal Data Rack, slide rails, 482.6 mm (19") installation, patch panels, splicing boxes, LSA technology 19" montážna technika
    • Monitoring Get a better overview of your IT infrastructure thanks to flexible, individual solutions for controlling and monitoring all physical parameters in your IT environment. Monitoring
    • Rozhranie človek/stroj Handles, external mounting accessories, front assembly, monitors Rozhranie človek/stroj