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Jun 28, 2024

How Digitalizing Industrial Enclosure Design Can Help Automotive Manufacturers Outpace the Competition

Digitalizing industrial enclosure design can help automotive manufacturers create more versatile automation systems that seamlessly integrate with cooling units and enclosure accessories.

Jun 26, 2024

How Row-Based Cooling Can Optimize the Performance of Small to Medium-Sized IT Installations

Row-based cooling can help IT network engineers create cooling solutions that minimize their equipment footprint and reduce cooling energy consumption and costs.

Jun 18, 2024

Why Manufacturers Are Turning to Busbar to Help Reduce Energy Usage and Costs

Busbar power can help manufactures scale their power distribution systems and increase the performance of their power distribution architecture.

Jun 11, 2024

Colocation Facilities vs. Private Data Centers: What Manufacturers Should Know About These Two IT Installations

The choice between colocation vs. private data center comes down to scalability, cost, and data security and protection.


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Company news

Rittal US Service Team Celebrates Double Recognition at 2024 Global Service Conference

The Rittal U.S. Service team, demonstrating unparalleled excellence and dedication, has garnered esteemed accolades, which underscore their vital role within the industry.

Press Release

Product news

Rittal Announces Colocation Rack Initiative to Meet the Growing Demand for Colocation Market

Rittal's new colocation rack initiative will accelerate and grow the success of all parties involved in the colocation market with comprehensive education, sales support, and marketing resources.

Press Release

Product Launch

Rittal Introduces Vented Outdoor UL 3R Type Rated Enclosure - Accommodates for Easy In-Field Maintenance

This new enclosure accommodates easy in-field maintenance and features core advantages, including a durable design, integrated cooling, easy access for routine maintenance, optimum corrosion protection, and included fans and filters.

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In this podcast series, you'll hear from four different Rittal subject matter experts about how material handlers can scale their industrial automation and IT systems efficiently and effectively.

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Rittal LLC participates in a variety of industrial and data center trade shows, webinars, and other special events throughout the year.

October 27th - Explosion protection in the Oil & Gas industry

Rittal helps you understand the safety requirements and standards for explosion protection and translate that into easily deployed products to help safeguard your process environment.

November 4th - Where Are We Going At The Edge: A Look Ahead

Even before COVID 19, we were talking about The Edge. Edge Computing, Edge Applications, Edge as a Service, the Edge Data Center, Cloud Edge. Where do we go from here? And what is next at The Edge? Register to find out!

December 2nd - Digital service solutions and smart maintenance

Find out how every single step in your panel building and switchgear manufacturing value creation process can be improved and which specific products and services can make this possible.

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