• RiTherm 6.6 for Windows - Full Version

    Le logiciel Therm effectue tous les calculs complexes permettant de définir les besoins exacts de climatisation pour une installation électrique ou informatique. Un écran convivial permet de trouver l’appareil de climatisation adapté et correctement dimensionné. Une fois le calcul terminé, vous obtenez une offre détaillée, que vous pouvez imprimer directement ou simplement exporter vers votre logiciel de traitement de texte favori. Cela vous garantit une sécurité maximale pour définir les appareils de climatisation dont vous avez besoin.

    Toutes les exploitations de données sont conformes aux prescriptions des normes CEI/TR3 60890 AMD 1 et DIN 3168 relatives aux appareils de refroidissement pour armoires électriques. Un calcul des surchauffes conforme à la norme CEI 61439 peut être effectué avec Therm en un seul clic.

    Nouveautés de la version 6.6

    • Intégration des boîtiers électriques KX et coffrets électriques AX
    • Mise à jour de la base de données des composants électriques et électroniques
    • Intégration des portes climatisées VX25
    • Nouveau filtre pour les climatiseurs NEMA 3R/4


    RITTAL THERM (en ligne)

  • RiTherm for Android and iOS

    This download is for the complete version of the new RiTherm 6.3 software.

    The RiTherm 6.3 software package simplifies the complex calculation of climate control requirements. A user-friendly interface guides you to an appropriate and correctly dimensioned climate control component. At the end of the calculation, you receive detailed documentation that you can either print out or simply transfer into your preferred word processing program , such as PDF or TXT Doc. This provides maximum peace of mind when calculating climate control components.

    New in Version 6.3

    Documentation of the overtemperature calculation to IEC 61439: The program generates a pdf in compliance with the IEC standard with just one click.

    Interface to Eplan ProPanel: All information and parameters required for climate calculation are automatically transferred to Therm 6.3. The result of the calculation is also fed back to ProPanel, where the chosen climate control solution may be incorporated directly into the existing engineering as a 3D model.

    Improved networking capability: Warnings are given of the simultaneous use and authorisation of projects

    Suitable chillers are displayed when selecting air/water heat exchangers

    Updated database


  • Power Engineering

    Facilitez-vous la configuration des TGBT avec le logiciel Ri4Power

    Téléchargez : mise à jour Power Engineering

    Power Engineering updated

  • Thermoelectric Cooler Software Driver for Windows 7 64 bit

    Now available for download is the driver necessary for Windows 7 64 bit systems. Please see below for the Zip compression file or the WinRar compression file. This driver file is needed to run the Thermoelectric cooler software using Windows 7 64 bit operating systems.

    64 BIT DRIVER FOR RTC - RAR Download

    64 BIT DRIVER FOR RTC - ZIP Download

  • RiZone

    RiZone is the Rittal Management Software for the IT infrastructure of data centers. RiZone monitors and controls the IT infrastructure required for the reliable operation of the servers, storage, and switches taking account of the economic and ecologic general conditions. RiZone provides information through a user-friendly graphical interface and is available as a virtual appliance as well as a server appliance.


    To order RiZone light, click here:


  • CMC-TC Manager

    Rittal's CMC-TC manager provides management of all CMC agents in a single software package; including graphical information, trending, and exportation of data into an .xls file. Java Runtime Environment JRE 1.3 is needed to run the program, and can be found at


    Beta version is for test purposes only.

    CMC-TC MANAGER V1_3 Download

    CMC-TC MANAGER V1.3 Dowload to be added


    CMC-TC MANAGER V1.5 BETA Download

  • RiDiag II V 2.7

    RiDiag II is a tool for diagnosing the operating behavior of Comfort controller air conditioners. It is possible to retrieve error messages, temperatures and capacity utilization levels of the air conditioner. The system includes integrated temperature measurement from four sensors in the air conditioner and also features graphical representation of the temperature over time.

    Note: This is just the software as cable will be required. The part number that is required to order is part number 3159.100.

    RIDIAG II V 2.7 Download

  • Driver for Rittal Thermoelectric Cooler

    Driver for Rittal Thermoelectric Cooler