Documented quality

Product certifications and approvals are pivotal to the global acceptance of industrial products.

The approvals of Rittal standard products may be documented in various ways. The following overview of international product approvals and test institutions indicates the broad spectrum of certified Rittal quality.

  • Rating plate

    The rating plates of standard products directly display key approvals (such as UL, CSA, TÜV, VDE).

    This documentation is vital for the subsequent sign-off of the overall system, because the inspectors check the rating plates of individual components.

  • Approvals

    A large number of Rittal products have internationally recognised approvals.

    In the production plant, these products are given a rating plate with serial number and approval symbol such as UL, CSA etc. This is considered proof of approval. Whether and which approvals are available for a given product is outlined on the respective order pages of the Rittal Catalogue for each product. Online, this information may be found under the Product section.

  • Test number

    Often, the precise name of the test institution and the test number under which the Rittal products are registered is sfufficient.

    This test number is either listed in the Catalogue or can be requested from Technical Support.

  • Test certificate

    To document product approvals or for your own plant documentation purposes, a copy of the test certificate may be requested from Technical Support.

Precise details of the test symbols allocated to our products can be found in our catalogues and brochures.

Additionally, these documents may be requested from your Rittal contacts or the central Service Centre.

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