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Moving forward side by side – Working together as partners for greater added value

Even though the current challenges in industry are large and complex, the opportunities and potential are very promising. This means that partners who understand the markets and value creation processes – including across different sectors and ecosystems – and can provide you with effective support are all the more valuable to you.

In Rittal, Eplan, Cideon and German Edge Cloud, you have four strong partners at your side to work with you and help future-proof your company. With an intelligent combination of hardware and software, you can optimise digitally enabled processes throughout your entire value creation process. You can gain a competitive edge and secure that all-important advantage through digitalisation, standardisation and automation.

At booth E06 in Hall 11 at Hannover Messe, which is being held from 22 to 26 April, you will find the answers and solutions to demanding questions and issues that revolve around MORE – more efficiency, more speed, more productivity and more transparency throughout value creation processes. All with the help of four companies – 4MORE.

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Industrial Automation: More efficiency

Boost your data consistency and speed in engineering! Virtual machine cabling with Eplan Cable proD and a joint mechatronics parts list bring disciplines in mechanical engineering and plant engineering closer together. One of the Eplan highlights on offer is a sneak preview of the upcoming Eplan Platform 2025, with a key focus on fast induction for new users and relieving pressure on skilled workers.You can achieve an end-to-end configuration process with linked sales and engineering data thanks to Cideon Conify, while the new CIDEON Sparify software solution makes managing your spare parts faster and easier. Eplan eVIEW AR uses augmented reality to overlay the real enclosure with its digital twin. When servicing is needed, using the QR code to access the full automation documentation saves valuable time.

Come and talk to us at Hannover Messe to find out how the automation of mechanical engineering can be made even more efficient, even more customised and even more flexible.

Panel Building: More productivity

Digital continuity helps you make your panel building and switchgear manufacturing even more efficient – from electrical engineering to system engineering and panel building and all the way through to the digital operations phase of your systems. What’s more, seamless system data for maintenance, smart service and connectivity will ensure your operations are safe and reliable. For example, at Hannover Messe, you will see the prototype of a Rittal robot that automatically wires control components and forwards them for finishing – with data assistance from Eplan Smart Wiring. Innovations in the AX enclosure series, the new CX console system and the bayable CS Toptec outdoor enclosures all offer even more plant engineering options. You can take advantage of new solutions from Rittal Automation Systems to increase the amount of mechanisation on your shop floor.

At Hannover Messe, let’s take plant engineering to a whole new level. More speed. More scalability. More continuity.

Energy Transition: More speed

You can upgrade your energy systems faster by following the example of the level of digitalisation and standardisation in the mechanical engineering sector. This will be demonstrated using a transformer station at Hannover Messe. The idea is that Eplan offers a complete industrial project as a standards-compliant, standard solution, complete with a list of equipment that is typical in the sector. All that remains to be done is to customise the project if necessary. The dataset also contains all the necessary information for modular Rittal system engineering and for subsequent machining using equipment from Rittal Automation Systems and Ehrt – and you will also receive a digital twin for operations. Come and experience the world premiere of RiLineX – the contact hazard protected 60 mm system platform for power distribution.

At Hannover Messe, let’s talk about how you can drive forward the All Electric Society faster.

Smart Factory: More transparency

Harness the potential of artificial intelligence and manage your future production in line with the availability of scarce energy supplies! With its ONCITE Digital Production System (DPS), German Edge Cloud makes your digitalisation scalable – from transparency as a basic requirement and AI-supported processes all the way through to end-to-end factory digitalisation. At Hannover Messe, find out everything you need to know about AI-based visual quality inspection with a roadmap for using generative AI. We’ll also be presenting a case study relating to the application of GenAI in production information management. You’ll be able to see for yourself the straightforward networking with Catena-X and SupplyOn via the ONCITE DPS CX-Gateway. What’s more, you’ll see the benefits of track & trace in press shops with Schuler, too.

At Hannover Messe, let’s discuss how you can make your production more fit for the requirements of the future. More transparent, more robust and more energy-efficient.


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