How to become winners

In automotive manufacturing, in wind turbines, on cruise ships or at airports - the potential applications for Rittal solutions are many and varied. Your requirements are specific? With our comprehensive industry know-how, we can offer you the best and most suitable solutions and services. Find out from the following customer references how you too can benefit and become a winner.

Stellantis Mexico

Service contract for 1,500 cooling units

Stellantis is the fourth-biggest car manufacturer in the world, producing world-famous brands in more than 30 countries. In Saltillo in Mexico, for example, Stellantis produces car engines for the North-American market.

Mercedes-Benz Energy

Energy in a box

The “Zero Carbon” Factory 56 at Mercedes-Benz demonstrates just how efficient carbon-neutral car manufacturing can be. It has reduced energy consumption by one-quarter compared with other assembly halls. Two energy storage systems by Mercedes-Benz...

Hyundai Motor Company

Efficiency through global standardisation

When bringing its global plant technology and systems into line with Industry 4.0 standards, the automotive manufacturer Hyundai Motor Compoany specified solutions from Eplan and Rittal as the international standard for design, engineering and equipment...


E-mobility for everybody

The international availability and quality of Rittal products were decisive factors in winning the order from Tritium. The Rittal solution is also used, among other things, to protect the sensitive electrical components of the charging stations from...

Ford Motorenwerke

Service and efficiency check of cooling units reveals savings potentials

The Ford engine plant in Cologne was forced to shut down a number of times in the space of a year due to defective cooling units. The company immediately accepted the offer from Rittal to carry out a manufacturer-independent inventory of all cooling...


Protected from rain and sunshine

The German city of Freiburg boasts a fleet of climate-friendly electric buses. These buses benefit from an ingenious charging infrastructure from SBRS GmbH incorporating Rittal components that offer ideal protection against the elements and unauthorised...