Liquid Cooling Package LCP rack DX, LCP rack DX/FC

Model No. SK 3313.410

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  • Liquid Cooling Package LCP rack DX, LCP rack DX/FC
  • Liquid Cooling Package LCP rack DX, LCP rack DX/FC
  • Liquid Cooling Package LCP rack DX, LCP rack DX/FC
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    Rack-based cooling on one to two IT racks. Continuous cooling output adjustment due to the use of an output-controlled compressor in the LCP Rack DX (evaporator) An external condenser is required to operate the unit.

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    Benefits: Maximum energy efficiency due to EC fan technology and IT-based control
    Minimal pressure loss at the air end, which in turn minimises the power consumption of the fans
    Control of the server inlet temperature
    Thanks to the speed-regulated compressor, the cooling output is ideally adapted to actual requirements
    With redundant temperature sensor integrated at the air end as standard
    Specific maintenance of the LCP DX due to separation of cooling and server racks
    Applications: Ideal for IT cooling of small and medium-sized locations
    One or two racks can be cooled separately
    Function principle: The LCP draws in the air at the sides at the rear of the server enclosures, cools it using high-performance compact impellers, and blows the cooled air back into the front part of the server enclosure at the sides
    Absorbed thermal energy is emitted to the ambient air at the external condenser location, without heating up the installation room
    IT monitoring: Direct connection of the unit via SNMP over Ethernet
    Integration into RiZone
    Material: Sheet steel, spray-finished
    Colour: RAL 7035
    Protection category IP to IEC 60 529: IP 20
    Note: Variant with UL approval available on request
    Options: Humidifier
    Dehumidification and reheater
    Condensate drain pump
    Higher cooling output
    Low-temperature/high-temperature condenser (-40 °C/+53 °C)
    Variant: Rack cooling
    Total cooling output to DIN EN 14511: L 30 L 22: 12 kW
    L 22 L 45: 10 kW
    Modulation range: Device modulates without interruption in the cooling output range between: 3 kW - 12 kW
    Total cooling output/Number of fan modules: 12 kW / 4 
    Total cooling output: 12 kW
    Air throughput (unimpeded air flow): At 50 Hz: 4800 m³/h
    Rated operating voltage: 380 V - 480 V, 3~, 50 Hz/60 Hz
    Dimensions: Width: 300 mm
    Height: 2000 mm
    Depth: 1000 mm
    Temperature control: Linear fan control
    Inverter-controlled compressor
    To fit: VX IT
    Installation in bayed enclosure suite: Flush
    Refrigerant/cooling medium: Refrigerant: R410a
    Cooling medium: Refrigerant
    Type of electrical connection: Connection clamp
    Duty cycle: 100 %
    Rated current max.: At 50 Hz: 7.5 A
    Start-up current max.: 11 A
    Miniature circuit-breaker/fuse: 20 A
    Noise level: At 50 Hz: 69 dB(A)
    Design: DX
    EC fan: yes
    Fans may be exchanged with the system operational: yes
    eCl@ss 8.0/8.1: 27180712
    Packs of: 1 pc(s).
    Weight/pack: 181 kg
    EAN: 4028177953833
    Customs tariff number: 84158300
    ETIM 7.0: EC002515
    ETIM 6.0: EC002515
    eCl@ss 8.0/8.1: 27180712
    eCl@ss 6.0/6.1: 27180712
    Product description: LCP Rack DX, 12 kW, flush, RAL 7035, WHD: 300 x 2000 x 1000 mm, 380 – 480 V/3~/50 – 60 Hz

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     Liquid Cooling Package LCP rack DX, LCP rack DX/FC

    Model No. SK 3313.410

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