Liquid Cooling Unit LCU DX, redundant

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  • Liquid Cooling Unit LCU DX, redundant
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    Refrigerant-based enclosure cooling in redundant version for TS IT or Micro Data Center without heating up the installation room. With two output categories 3 kW and 6.5 kW, the ideal cooling solution for smaller IT applications.

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    Design: LCU DX 6.5 kW redundant
    Benefits: Space-saving solution by installing the redundantly designed internal unit in the TS IT server enclosure or the Micro Data Center
    Maximum energy efficiency due to EC fan technology and IT-based control
    Control of the server inlet temperature
    The inverter-controlled compressor adapts the cooling output to the current heat loss inside the enclosure
    Absorbed thermal energy is emitted directly to the ambient air at the (inverter-controlled) external unit's location, without heating up the installation room
    Applications: Cooling unit for TS IT server enclosures and for Micro Data Center in a redundant design
    Function principle: The redundant variants have two cooling circuits and controllers inside the internal unit, plus two inverter-regulated external units. The fault and operating hours changeover allows regular switching between the two external units, and ensures automatic changeover in the event of a malfunction or failure.
    The device supports front-to-back air routing typical of IT applications, and regulates the server inlet temperature to the set value
    Material: Sheet steel, spray-finished
    Colour: Internal unit: RAL 7035
    External unit: white
    Installation in TS IT: 482.6 mm (19") levels must be designed as mounting angles and offset in the width by 50 mm off-centre
    The front distance between the 482.6 mm (19") mounting angles and the front edge of the TS frame must be at least 100 mm
    Not suitable for combination with 482.6 mm (19") mounting frame
    Two punched sections with mounting flanges are required for attachment on the inner mounting level
    To separate the hot/cold zones within an enclosure, an air baffle plate for TS IT is required
    A base/plinth is required to route the cable downwards
    Protection category IP to IEC 60 529: Internal unit IP 20
    External unit IP X4
    Supply includes: Internal unit (evaporator coil)
    2 external units (inverter-controlled)
    482.6 mm (19") mounting trim panel with display and control components
    Condensate hose
    Note: Below the operating limit, fluctuations in the air inlet temperature are possible
    The electrical connection is made on the external unit. The internal unit is supplied by the external unit.
    A separate power supply may be needed, depending on the external unit
    Variant: Rack cooling
    Useful cooling output L22 L35: 6.5 kW
    Modulation range: Device modulates without interruption in the cooling output range between: 3 kW - 6,5 kW
    Total cooling output: 6.5 kW
    Rated operating voltage: 230 V, 1~, 50 Hz
    To fit: with width: = 800 mm
    with height: ≥ 1800 mm
    with depth: ≥ 1000 mm
    Temperature range: Note: The specified operating temperature refers to the external unit
    Refrigerant/cooling medium: Refrigerant: R410a
    Cooling medium: R410a
    Type of electrical connection: Connection clamp
    Duty cycle: 100 %
    Rated current max.: At 230 V/50 Hz: 15.9 A
    eCl@ss 8.0/8.1: 27180704
    Packs of: 1 pc(s).
    Weight/pack: 184 kg
    EAN: 4028177709362
    Customs tariff number: 84158200
    ETIM 7.0: EC000855
    ETIM 6.0: EC000855
    eCl@ss 8.0/8.1: 27180704
    eCl@ss 6.0/6.1: 27180704
    Product description: SK LCU DX split cooling unit 6,5 kW, Refrigerant-based cooling of TS IT racks, and Micro Data Center, 2 x external units with inverter regulated compressors, 1 x internal unit, redundant

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     Liquid Cooling Unit LCU DX, redundant

    Model No. SK 3311.493

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