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Outdoor enclosures for telecommunications

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Outdoor enclosures for telecommunications

Problems affecting telecommunications infrastructure have an immediate impact on service reliability. Functioning broadband and mobile networks are essential for both businesses and private subscribers. Video conferences, remote working, IoT – everything depends on a stable connection. Maximum protection for the infrastructure is thus decisive in all areas of daily life.

Rittal offers outdoor enclosures and the appropriate climate control features as standard, to provide maximum protection for your systems and equipment outside. Whether it’s about

  • FTTH – fibre to the home
  • FTTC – fibre to the curb, or
  • FTTX – fibre to the X,

you will benefit from of our solutions typically available within just 24/48 hours and be able to protect your infrastructure in the best possible way, in every location.

Protection against vandalism and unauthorised access is crucial in the telecommunications industry, so the enclosures must have high resistance ratings.

At the same time, the outdoor solutions must withstand adverse and harsh weather conditions. Rittal enclosures are impressive; they have a long service life and they cut operating costs..

Environment 4

Outdoor Extreme

Telecommunication infrastructure is usually found in publicly accessible areas, and is at risk of both potential access by unauthorised persons as well as severe weather conditions and aggressive and corrosive substances. High-end enclosures with resistance ratings that prevent access and offer maximum corrosion protection represent the answer to these challenges of Environment 4.

Typical enclosures for telecommunications

Outdoor enclosures

Multifunctional enclosures

Twin-walled aluminium enclosure for outdoor siting with resistance class RC 2.