Climate control

Cooling units

Cooling units keep the enclosure internal temperature at a constant level, which is independent of the ambient temperature. The air routing meets individual requirements. Two separate circuits prevent the ingress of dust into the enclosure.

Sustainability that works

Discover the world's most efficient climate control solutions and smart service concepts to help reduce the carbon footprint of your machines and systems.

Reducing the carbon footprint

Maximum energy efficiency and digitalisaton with the new Blue e+ S cooling units for small output categories

Cooling units

Wall-mounted cooling units

For external mounting or internal mounting in doors and walls using standardised mounting cut-outs. Integral electric condensate evaporation (from 0.3 kW). Cooling output 0.3 kW – 5.8 kW. From 0.3 kW, also available in energy-efficient Blue e+...

Cooling units

Roof-mounted cooling units

Doors, side panels and escape routes are kept clear thanks to the roof-mounted design. Electric condensate evaporation. Cooling output 0.55 kW – 4 kW. Output category 1.3 kW, also available in energy-efficient Blue e+ technology.

Cooling units

Modular climate control concept

The cooling unit is integrated into the enclosure door and therefore blends in perfectly with the overall look of the enclosure. Easily exchanged for the existing door without any machining, even with the system operational. Cooling output up to 1.5 kW...

Cooling units

Thermoelectric cooler Total cooling/heating output 80/80 W

The powerful, lightweight climate control units based on Peltier technology provide efficient cooling of command panels and small enclosures. Cooling/heating output 80/80 W.