Customer benefits

Reap the benefits of the VX SE for your project

Bayed enclosures are often used free-standing as well. When considering the next-largest compact enclosure, bayed enclosures are often a good choice. The benefits of VX SE free-standing enclosures are not widely known:


Solid side panels and roof. Eliminating the gaps between the roof, side panel and frame helps to prevent dirt deposits, and also minimises ordering and assembly work.


The high protection category of up to IP 66/NEMA 4 or 4X and NEMA 3R supports a wide range of applications for the VX SE.

It also offers IK 10 impact protection and UL approval.

With this smart design, the side panels, roof and enclosure frame are conductively connected, so that no additional earthing is required. When using Rittal climate control equipment and Rittal fan-and-filter units in the the rear panel, no additional earthing is required.

What’s more, thanks to its smart enclosure construction, the VX SE offers good EMC properties.


With enclosures available in widths of up to 1800 mm, one stand-alone enclosure can replace bayed suites of up to three enclosures.

As well as reduced ordering and assembly work, other benefits include:

  • No sealing
  • No baying accessories
  • No mounting plate infill
  • Only one base/plinth, even for very wide enclosures

Integral gland plates in the base allow exceptionally simple cable entry into the super-airtight IP 66/NEMA 4 and 4X enclosures, as an ergonomic preparation for cable entry.


The VX SE adaptor rail is fully compatible with the VX25 allowing for common interior assembly. As well as use of the comprehensive range of accessories, such as punched sections and rail systems, the interior installation engineering and component assembly are identical to the VX25.

Compatibility of the VX SE base allows it to be configured with VX25 accessories such as cable clamp rails and gland plates.

What is more, the large opening in the stable base frame makes it much easier to install cable entry.


The VX SE is suitable for all ambient conditions. High protection categories of up to IP 66/NEMA 4 or 4X, a wide range of sizes, plus a choice of material variants make the VX SE the ideal enclosure solution for countless applications.

Depths of 300 mm are perfect for applications in confined spaces, such as building services.

All standard enclosures are available off the shelf.

Flexible manufacturing

VX SE free-standing enclosures can be machined directly at the Rittal factory.

Use your own engineering data and order the enclosures with cut-outs e.g. for cooling units, fan-and-filter units or gland plates. In this way, you can boost the efficiency of your own manufacturing process.


The VX SE free-standing enclosure system is versatile, just like our clients.

For your projects in different sectors, take advantage of the VX SE’s many benefits, such as high protection categories, a wide range of sizes from 300 mm depth to 1800 mm width, different material options, simple engineering plus a...

Conversion tool

Free-standing enclosures SE 8 to VX SE

The conversion tool allows quick, easy recoding of SE 8 items to the new VX SE items.