Stay cool!

Efficient process and equipment cooling with the VX25 TopTherm chiller

We all like the heat when lying on a beach and soaking up the sun. But heat can be a problem when operating an industrial process or equipment and machinery. And what about your business? Are you completely sure that none of your components ever suffer from overheating?

Now, you can be certain. At least, if you install a VX25 TopTherm chiller. It will definitely beat the heat.

The chiller and enclosure are the perfect match!

Compact yet versatile

Take advantage of liquid cooling to ensure smooth operation. The VX25 TopTherm chiller harnesses water to reduce high thermal loads in equipment and enclosures. A comprehensive piping network takes care of all cooling needs of the system or equipment.

With a cooling output from 8 kW to 20 kW.

40% less refrigerant

The water has to be cold – which it is, thanks to the refrigerant. And the integrated microchannel technology reduces the quantity of refrigerant required in the chiller to a minimum. To be exact, by 40 per cent compared to the previous product.

Up to 35% smaller carbon footprint

This highly effective technology also enables you to shrink your corresponding carbon footprint by as much as 35 per cent.

Can you afford production downtime in the current economic climate? The VX25 TopTherm chiller gives you peace of mind. Inbuilt as standard, the safety features (overflow valves, flow monitors and level monitoring) as well as the NTC sensor for control of the ambient temperature ensure a reliable means of avoiding equipment failure.

Despite all these powerful features, the chiller has a remarkably small footprint. It takes up an area roughly equivalent to a typical hand towel. The version with a 20 kW rating, for instance, spans just 0.48 m2 – 34% less than conventional space requirements. What’s more, the chiller looks good as well.

Not least due to its direct baying capability and ease of integration with existing enclosure suites.

The VX25 TopTherm chiller is also great at providing critical information. The plain-text display is extremely easy to read and can be operated while wearing gloves. This makes it quick and easy to set up your important parameters.

But not only do you want to know more, you want that information to be available more-or-less worldwide? The VX25 TopTherm Chiller will not let you down in this respect either – with remote monitoring via an Ethernet interface available for all standard products.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the feeling of being totally relaxed, around the clock, sure in the knowledge that your chiller is doing just what it should – keeping it cool.

So follow its example, and simply chill out!

The following video explains how the VX25 TopTherm chiller allows you to relax and stay cool:

  • Up to 35% smaller CO2 footprint
  • Proven energy savings (EER* previously 1.8 / EER* now 2.6)
  • Less maintenance thanks to reduced volume of refrigerant
  • Precise temperature control (+/- 1 K) as standard
  • Increased system and equipment availability through integrated safety features and monitoring
  • Minimum footprint
  • A single housing size for four output categories
  • Easy to maintain and service

*EER = energy-efficiency ratio

TopTherm chiller in enclosure

VX25 TopTherm chiller 8 - 20 kW

VX25 TopThem chillers are compact in design yet have a wide range of cooling applications. They fit perfectly with all enclosures, have a minimum footprint, promise increased efficiency and are instantly available from stock.

Decision-making aid

How do I find the appropriate climate control solution?

To carry out complex production processes, sensitive and increasingly high-performance components are installed in enclosures. Selecting the right climate control solution is vital so as to ensure a long service life.