More chilling isn't possible

The high precision of Rittal series chillers maximises system efficiency, while their IoT technology ensures easy servicing and impressive availability.

Efficient liquid cooling

Efficient and precise – benefits of Rittal chillers

Excellent flexibility – but above all the ability of water to dissipate high heat loads from machinery and enclosures – makes liquid cooling a highly efficient solution in numerous applications.

The use of chillers to cool liquids is one of the basic pre-requisites for smooth operation in a large number of industrial manufacturing processes. For example, the temperature of enclosures and, in particular, machine tools needs to be controlled accurately so as to ensure high-precision machining.

Blue e+ chillers can cut energy costs by as much as 70%

Impressive features of Rittal chillers:

  • Straightforward user guidance
  • Needs-based climate control
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Integrated safety functions
  • Maximum flexibility during assembly and installation
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for worldwide use
  • Intelligent networking