Make IT flexible.

With a convincing door concept and multifunctional roof.

  • Glazed or vented doors included in the scope of supply
  • Divided rear doors from height 1,800 mm for optimised space utilisation
  • Multifunctional roof

The TS IT rack from Rittal stands out with convincing solutions for roof and doors. All doors are prepared for individual locking variants with 180° hinges and comfort handles at both front and rear.

Glazed doors are the choice for rack climate control, while vented doors cater for room climate control with open ventilation accounting for 85% of the perforated area – for a previously unattainable air throughput.

All racks that do not require an increased protection category are equipped with divided rear doors from a height of 1,800 mm for optimum space utilisation and a multifunctional roof. Racks with a specific protection category are equipped with one-part doors and solid roof plates.

The TS IT rack is also fitted with a sufficiently tight gasket for the use of gas-based extinguisher systems. The multifunctional roof incorporates brush strips over the whole enclosure depth to enable cable entry down the sides, in combination with cable clamping facilities directly behind the brush strips. There is even a cut-out integrated for the mounting of a fan module for active and passive climate control.