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Product basis

Infinite possibilities from a single source

Our products provide the basis for "Rittal – The System." The modular system architecture means that our solutions can be tailored to your precise needs and requirements – completely individual, tailored to your company and industry, directly from our standard product range.

The system platform for "Rittal – The System." is the TS 8 enclosure, which can also be used as an IT rack. The Rittal portfolio also includes a wide range of enclosure types, from small cases and compact enclosures, through to entire enclosure systems.

In the field of power distribution, "Rittal – The System.", together with the switchgear system Ri4Power and the power distribution system RiLine, provides a reliable power supply to suit virtually all applications.

All electrical equipment generates heat – but our climate control solutions ensure that heat loss from the components is efficiently removed. Our product portfolio ranges from the perfect fan-and-tiler unit for industrial enclosures, through to sophisticated cooling concepts for IT infrastructures.

Whether you opt for a micro-data centre as a stand-alone solution for SMEs, or a complete data centre, Rittal can supply concepts and products in any size to suit your IT infrastructure.

Based on the modular principle, "Rittal – The System.", the possibilities are almost infinite. And all from a single source.