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Novi razred izhodnje moči 1,600 W.

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    • Air cooling Ambient air cooling units are ideal for dissipating heat loads exceptionally cost-effectively. Condition: The ambient air must be relatively clean and at temperatures below the required enclosure internal temperature. Air cooling
    • Cooling units Cooling units keep the enclosure internal temperature at a constant level, which is independent of the ambient temperature. The air routing meets individual requirements. Two separate circuits prevent the ingress of dust into the enclosure. Cooling units
    • Liquid cooling Efficient liquid cooling may be used in all situations where a high cooling load is required, such as process and machine cooling or when dissipating heat loss from enclosures via air/water heat exchangers. Liquid cooling
    • IT cooling Targeted cooling solutions, refrigerant- or water-based, for rack, suite and room cooling from 3 kW to 481 kW. IT cooling
    • Enclosure heater Heaters ensure that the right thermal output is always available to prevent condensation, particularly with outdoor siting. Enclosure heater
    • Accessories for climate control Superbly coordinated components tailor climate control perfectly to your specific requirements. Accessories for climate control

TÜV-certificirane klimatske naprave

Rittal je edini svetovni proizvajalec klim, ki ima tipsko testirane klime za hlajenje ohišij v celotnem močnostnem rangu. Klime so testirane po zadnjih EN standardardih

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